Retro style in kitchen design - a classic combined with new technologies

When a person says the word "retro" everyone can understand it in their own way. For some, this word is associated with the beginning of the 20th century, for others with the 60s, and still others imagine the 80s. If you have made decisions to design a kitchen using the motives of past years, it is not at all necessary to be limited to specific periods. Enough to adhere to a single style. In some cases even eclectic is appropriate.

Saturated colors and concise panels

Use matte textures and place the dishes in the kitchen in the style of the period that you are trying to recreate. Technique should resemble the design of devices of past years. Many manufacturers are ready to offer modern technology retro design.

Do not forget about textiles. Pop art assumes bright saturated colors and large graphic drawings.

Copperware and elegant decoration

You can use modern furniture, adding it with metal panels imitating copper. Complete the kitchen with dishes of copper, polished to a shine.

Use natural wood

Many years ago it was the main material for the manufacture of furniture. If you can not make facades of solid boards, order an imitation. Such furniture requires special care, but the overall impression of the design is worth it.

Furniture with right angles

Such design reminds of those times when industrial design aspired to simplicity and functionality. Technique, you can choose a more massive, with a hint at the design of obsolete electrical appliances.

Gloss and bright accents

Strange as it may sound, but retro and futurism go hand in hand. After all, it was in the 60s that people everywhere dreamed of the future and new scientific achievements. Complete the ultra-modern design kitchen with an old-fashioned fridge painted in bright colors. You can use it as a bar, and hide the real camera of the desired size behind the kitchen panel.

Shoe the walls shalevkoy

This method was very popular several decades ago. In the new sound, the structure of the tree is better to hide with matte paint in the color of kitchen furniture. Do not forget about the color accents.

Christmas red

This color is firmly entrenched in the style of the 60s, but remember that you will achieve the maximum effect if you complement it with a glossy texture. Leave the rest of the furniture monochrome.

Open shelves and interesting accessories

Housewives of the 50's and 60's were proud of their cuisine and did not want to hide anything. The polished dishes were their pride. If you are ready to devote the same amount of time to cleaning (or know exactly who to charge it with), then take this bold step. Supplement the kitchen with grandmother's chandeliers and plumbing in the style of the past.

Add details

Retro style can appear in the design only in the form of light hints. Let it be some interesting pieces of furniture and a couple of memorable trinkets. The rest of the interior should look neutral.

The most important thing is not to overload the room with unnecessary details and leave enough free space. Otherwise, retro style can play with you a cruel joke and make the room old-fashioned.