The question of the day: "What if I do not get alimony?"

The question of the day: "What if I do not get alimony?"Divorce very often means that not only the further upbringing of children, but also their financial security, the wife takes over completely. Although the provisions of family law stipulate that the ex-husband is obliged to take care of the material side of the matter, in fact, the appeal to legal advisers with the question: "What if I do not get maintenance?" - become almost daily.

Reasons for avoiding parental payments

There are several reasons why men evade responsibility. Having dealt with them, you can understand why the ex-husband does not pay child support, and try to correct the situation. Firstly, men thus avenge his wife for divorce. In this situation, to fix it peacefully is unlikely to succeed. Secondly, the man in marriage was not responsible for the child. It is quite natural that he is not going to do this even after the divorce. Here, too, will have to resort to more serious measures than talking.
The question of the day: "What if I do not get alimony?"
Thirdly, the husband does not pay alimony, because his wife forbids him to see the child, and he protests against the ban. In this situation, the woman herself is to blame. To forbid the father to see with the child she has no right, as parents are separated, instead of children. Having found a compromise, you can solve the issue of alimony. Fourthly, the husband believes that his wife earns more than he does, and he already has a new family, so he does not have to share his "trifle" from a low salary. And, finally, the fifth and most common reason is selfishness. With such a man you can speak only in the language of judicial installations. So if the ex-husband does not pay alimony in a good way, there is only one thing - going to court.

The amount you can count on

The amount that the father must pay per child is equal to one fourth of his income. If after a divorce from the mother left two children, they are due one third, three children are listed 50% of the income of the father. These settings are recorded in Article 81 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Unfortunately, men sometimes work unofficially, and since the non-fixed income to keep alimony the state has not yet learned.Even going to court in this case will be useless. But!
The question of the day: "What if I do not get alimony?"
There is such a term as a fixed amount of money. It is determined by the court, taking into account the situation of both parties. However, this amount can not be lower than the minimum income level. However, if the father does not pay child support voluntarily, even the verdict of the court in favor of a woman with a child does not mean a guaranteed payment. It is necessary to work actively with bailiffs in order to put the defendant on the wanted list.

If the ex-husband doesn't pay child support ...

So it turns out that sometimes bailiffs are not very responsible for their work. It is possible to transfer all care completely to him and expect the result in Europe, in Russia it is desirable for a woman to control the whole process herself or even take on some of its functions. In parallel, you can appeal against the actions of a bailiff in court.
The question of the day: "What if I do not get alimony?"
Failure to pay alimony for more than 6 months is a serious violation that is subject to criminal liability. Therefore, the question: “What if I do not pay child support?” - leads to a definite answer - to file an application to the court. According to the results of its consideration, the arrest of the spouse’s property in the amount of the outstanding amount will be appointedImprisonment for not paying alimony to the spouse does not threaten, but perhaps it will have an effect on the fact of the alleged criminal record.
If a husband is deprived of parental rights, he must also pay child support. If the child has already reached the age of majority, the amount of the debt is not written off. It must be repaid in any case.