PVC plastic fences

The appearance of plastic fences

PVC photo fences in most cases is almost impossible to distinguish from a wooden picket fence or a metal fence. Plastic fences are usually made in the form of boards from boards. It is possible to distinguish PVC material from wood only on closer inspection or tactile contact. However, with the same success, a plastic fence can imitate the appearance of a metal fence.
PVC fences are made in various versions. They can be elegant and light hedges for a front garden with flowers or a two-meter impenetrable fence that reliably protects the courtyard of a country cottage or the garden of a cottage from prying eyes. For additional strength and stability of fences, production of PVC intake structures on a metal frame has been launched.

The advantages of PVC fences

The lifetime of the PVC fence is 20 years or more.
The undoubted advantages of plastic fencing include their durability, strength, frost resistance, attractive appearance. In addition, PVC fences are easy to assemble.If desired, they can be quickly dismantled and assembled in a new place without losing the original strength, beauty and other properties of the structure.
The material of plastic fencing is characterized by high resistance to chemical and mechanical stress. In tests of resistance to fracture, the PVC fence significantly exceeds the wooden fence. It does not conduct electrical current and practically does not burn. Plastic does not rot like wood, does not corrode like metal. He is not afraid of rodents, tree beetle bugs, mold and fungus.
It should be noted that the plastic used for the production of fences is not a fire resistant material. At high temperatures, it begins to melt, emitting a sharp, suffocating odor.
Plastic fencing does not require any care. Unlike traditional wooden and metal fences, they do not need to be painted regularly. Dusty or spattered plastic fence is enough to wipe with a damp cloth, so that it shines like a new one. PVC fences, made of high-quality raw materials with the observance of production technology, are resistant to UV light and do not lose their original color during the entire service life.
The only drawback of PVC fencing can be called their high cost.