Push-ups from wall to floor. How can a novice girl achieve results?

In girls, the desire to be beautiful and fit is laid by nature. To be proud of a slim body, you need to exercise. Push-ups from the floor are increasingly included in the training program, but for many of the fair sex this exercise is difficult.

The muscles of the shoulder girdle in women are less developed than the men. In this regard, push-ups are more difficult. But there is nothing unattainable. How to learn to squeeze off the floor from scratch?

Safety precautions and precautions

Safety is an important part of any training. To avoid injury, carefully consider this point, because health is the most important.

Do not rush into getting pushups. Quickly master it will not work. Two or three weeks - this is the optimal period of study at home, but only with a regular approach and with the right load.

Mastering the right breathing will be formed during this period. Training 3 times a week with a break in a day or two will not be exhausted. It is necessary to follow the technique of execution to avoid injury. Records better not to set. A heavy load on unprepared muscles will not benefit.

REMEMBER! Do not proceed immediately to push-ups from the floor. Lifting one's own weight can damage untrained muscles, and the pain will discourage the desire to continue training.

It is difficult for a beginner to do the exercises correctly, so it's better to start with a simplified look and with the right technique. To learn how to push-ups, you need to go through all the stages.

Step-by-step plan for push-ups from wall to floor

Woman wringing off the floor

The right training plan is half the battle. Normalized and consistent exercises will lead to the desired result and will not harm. A well-planned schedule will remind you that the goal will be achieved in a timely manner.

Before any exercise, be sure to warm up. Warming up your muscles thoroughly, you can start other exercises.

To determine how many pushups to start, you need to try wringing out with the correct technique until you feel a slight fatigue in the muscles. This amount will be the original.For girls who have just started a workout, a comfortable figure will be from 10 to 20 pushups.

REMEMBER! It is better to start with the emphasis from the wall. The resulting figure is divided into the number of approaches (no more than 5) and add a load every day.

Stage number 1. Push-ups from the wall

Stand at a comfortable distance from the wall, straighten your back and legs. Spread the legs to the width of the shoulders, and hands to rest against the wall at a right angle.

Push away from the wall, gently bending the arms in the elbows and leaning against the wall, while watching the back straight position. From the side, the exercise looks simple, and the load is not strongly felt. But in fact, the muscles of the back, abdomen, neck, arms and chest are being worked through. Not bad for a newbie. Repeats 10-15 times and 3-5 approaches will give the best effect.

The exercise can be complicated by spreading your arms away or increasing the distance from the wall.

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Stage number 2. Push-ups with support

A bench, chair can be used as a support. The execution technique is horizontal - with feet to rest on the floor, and with hands on the support. Arms placed shoulder-width, keep the body straight.

To do this: gradually bend the arms in the elbows and bend to the edge of the support.During execution, make sure that the casing does not bend. To move on the exhale down, on the inhale - up.

Do not change the number of approaches and repetitions in the first stages. You can complicate the breeding hands further from each other or the choice of a fulcrum lower. The main burden falls on the muscles of the legs and chest.

Stage number 3. Push-ups from the knees

This view is similar to the classic, although the girls do not fully appreciate its benefits. Exercise is perfect for beginners, because the load on the muscles of the arms and shoulders is 2 times lower than when pushing up from the floor.

Get on your knees, rest them on the floor, with hands set at shoulder level, also rest on the floor. Keep the body straight without bending. The muscles of the arms, shoulders and pectoral muscles are loaded. Spreading the support of hands in the sides of the shoulders, you can complicate the load.

When all the previous stages are completed, it's time to move on to classic push-ups from the floor. Pre-training will train you, and the load will not seem so significant.

Stage number 5. Pushups

Classic push-ups from the floor strengthen the muscles of the chest, shoulders, arms, back and press.

Take a horizontal position, lie on the floor on a gymnastic mat.To perform the exercise, it is necessary to rest the socks of the feet and palms on the floor. Keep your hands at shoulder level, body in line. During the execution of the arms, bend along the body, rather than pushing the elbows apart.

It is better to start with a minimal number of approaches, it is important to perfect the right technique.

To complicate the technique, you can expand the distance between your hands, throw your feet on the support, but this is for physically trained girls. At the time of learning it is better not to try complicated types.

TIP! Who wants to diversify the exercises, there are special stops. They help to increase the amplitude of the body movement, which increases the effectiveness of the exercises.
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How and how much will you get up to 100 push-ups from scratch

Having mastered the classic push-ups, you can move to an increase in the number of repetitions. The cherished number for many girls is the figure of 100. To achieve this conditional goal, there is a training plan, which is based on the number of approaches that are growing daily. The plan for five-week workouts three times a week for 5 approaches.

The conditional plan is shown in the table:

A weekDayApproachesTotal
1 Week 1 2 3 2 2 3 12
2 3 4 2 3 4 16
3 4 5 4 4 5 22
2 week 1 4 6 4 4 6 24
2 5 6 4 4 7 26
3 5 7 5 5 8 30
3 week 1 10 12 7 7 9 45
2 10 12 8 8 12 50
3 11 13 9 9 13 55
4 week 1 12 14 11 10 16 63
2 14 16 12 12 18 72
3 16 18 13 13 20 80
5 week 1 17 21 51 15 23 91
2 20 23 28 19 20 100
3 25 27 25 15 19 111

The first week may seem difficult for a prepared person, in which case you can start with the next one. In about 5 weeks you can reach the coveted number. For whom the following weeks will seem difficult, you can extend the plan to 6 weeks.

The benefits and harm of push-ups

Man and woman push-ups

The benefits of exercise are obvious, they strengthen the muscles. But any activity is more effective in the complex. Push-ups are designed to develop the upper part of the body and contribute to:

  • Increase Stamina.
  • The study of the muscles of the hands.
  • Strengthening the muscles of the chest (in girls tightening the chest).
  • The development of abdominal muscles.
  • Working out the muscles of the back, forming a beautiful posture.
  • Body tone.

Possible harm can be done in the case of an unbalanced approach:

  • Risk of injury, when the general workout is neglected.
  • Exhaustion with too much activity.
  • Pumping the chest, when a lot of emphasis is only on push-ups.
  • Push-ups are contraindicated for people suffering from high blood pressure.

Helpful Tips

Pushups require scrupulous technique.You should always start with warm-up gymnastics in order to warm up the muscles. This is important for the exclusion of microtrauma ligaments. Particular attention should be paid to the location of the body and proper breathing. Compliance with the breaks between approaches should be 1-2 minutes. Those who start from scratch, it is recommended to press at home from the rug. If pain occurs, finish the workout.

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Push-up is a universal exercise. It does not require additional conditions and sports attributes, and the benefits are obvious. The mastery of this effective technique using only the weight of one's body requires only desire and patience.