Purple Flower

Each handmade jewelry is unique. It not only surprisingly combines your favorite colors, but it carries a lot of positive and warmth. This description shows how to create a beautiful flower from ordinary ribbons that will decorate a brooch or hair accessory.
 Purple Kanzashi Flower
To create a flower you will need:1. Satin ribbons in three colors. Two types of tapes are 4 cm wide, and the tape that will make up the outer layer of the petal should be 5 cm. 2. The wood burner. 3. Hotmelt glue. 4. Scrunchy. 5. The middle is a bright element of rhinestones. First you need to cut the ribbon into squares. This can be done as a burner under the ruler, but only on glass or tile. The size of the square is like the width of the tape, that is, there will be blanks 4 by 4 and 5 by 5 cm.
 To create a flower you will need
To recreate a sharp triple petal, which is the basis of the flower, you need to bend each element two times.The first bend results in a large triangle:
 cut into squares
The second central bend results in a smaller triangle made up of four atlas layers.