Publications by Vladimir Sheredega

How to distribute profits? What is it for and how does it influence the activity of a large enterprise or a company as a whole? What is the order of distribution? Answers to these and other questions read in our article.
In student years, the majority of educated young people came across with the multiplication of matrices. And continue to face them until now. How to multiply matrices? The answers are here.
In this article we will try to uncover the actual question of how to calculate costs. You can get acquainted with the concepts of average and fixed costs, learn how to calculate them according to the table.
Every citizen who is faced with the question of how to formalize an inheritance is relevant to the case with undisguised apprehension. In the conditions of our modernity this is not at all surprising. Let's try to consider the pitfalls of the topic.
Baubles are today quite common among young people, the type of homemade bracelets, worn on the wrist. We will understand in this article with how to weave baubles with a pattern.
It would seem, who in our time still does not know how to withdraw money from an ATM? Social polls show that there are such people. Let's try to help to understand the topic of the last of them.
Every car owner has repeatedly dealt with violations of the heating system of the cabin. Let's try to understand the reasons, find out why the stove heats badly and find solutions to this problem.
The question of how to create a theme on the phone probably worries every teenager or even older person who acquires a new mobile device. We will try to solve this issue.
The popularity of origami art is currently growing not only among children and teenagers, but even among adults. In this article we will look at how to make a fish out of paper with your own hands.
In this article we will try to sort out in detail how to become an election observer, what is needed for this, what restrictions are established by current legislation.