Psychology of pain, or How to cope with pain without medication

From acute, sharp, aching, as well as imaginary pain, you can cope in effective ways that do not always involve the use of medicines. Psychological mood also contributes to its weakening.

1. Be aware of the pain. Awareness of pain is the only way to start dealing with it. As a rule, this approach is justified. To understand the pain, you must understand its origin. Mentally examine the pain and related feelings. Avoid emotional thoughts about pain, such as oppression, dead end, humility.

2. Analyze and describe the cause of the pain. Try to determine its place of origin and then, in the most careful way, begin to analyze: how you feel, what you feel, give a description of the symptoms. Talk about painful sensations with people close to you.Rate pain on a scale of 1 to 10, then think about how you can improve your health.

3. Consult with your doctor or nurse about how to cope with physical pain. Describe in detail the symptoms of painful manifestations and what measures you have taken to alleviate them. Tell in detail about your feelings and observations.

4. To get rid of pain, strictly follow the recommendations of the doctor. Take medications prescribed by a doctor, strictly observing the dosage, time, medication with food or separately.

5. Continue to mentally study the pain, assess any changes. When you visit the doctor again, tell us how successful the treatment was and what changes occurred.