Pros and cons of powder for washing

Cleansing the face is one of the main stages of caring for her. But one can not do with one water here. Even if you do not use decorative cosmetics at all, the hypodermic glands secrete fat, and at least the dust gets to the skin at least. Therefore, the help of cosmetics (gels or foams) is a necessary measure.

Store shelves are full of similar products, and each time it becomes more and more. Rolls, cleansing balms, towels - all this is designed to stand guard over the purity of the female face. One of the latest innovations in this field is powder for washing. About her and talk more.

Asian novelty

It's no secret that a huge number, we will not be afraid of this word, of the revolutionary novelties of the cosmetic industry comes to us from Asian countries - Japan, Korea, China. The women there are especially attentive to the products used for care, and only those who really can make them even more beautiful are welcome.

Enzyme powder is a truly unique product.What is it really? It is a powder that looks like flour. If you add a little water to it and rub it, it quickly turns into foam, which is a cleaner.

The powder contains enzymes. But do not be scared, they have nothing to do with their “namesakes” used in detergents. Their main task - careful and safe cleansing.

How does such a tool work?

  1. It deeply cleanses the pores, removing the remnants of sebum and other external contamination.
  2. Due to deep penetration and natural enzymes, it prevents the appearance of "black spots" and reduces the number of acne.
  3. It can reduce the intensity of pigmentation.

It is also worth answering the question of many girls - what is useful for enzyme powder, and is there a particular difference between it and similar means of purification? Sure, there is, because the powder is as safe as possible even for sensitive skin, because it does not overdry it and has a visible cosmetic effect.

Application features

But sometimes the appearance of an innovative product scares the girls, because many do not know exactly how to use it.But in reality, everything is very simple, and any consultant in the cosmetics shop can tell you about it. But we will also share with you some useful tips:

  1. For the usual cleansing you need to pour powder in the palm, dilute with water to the state of milk, and wash them.
  2. To achieve a deeper cleansing, you need to dilute the mixture with water, and rub your hands well before foaming. The same effect can be achieved with a special mesh, which will help to beat the powder.
  3. You can use powder and in dry form as a scrub.

Who is this new product for? All women, regardless of the characteristics and type of skin, because it acts very gently and safely.

"Pros and cons"

And now it's time to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of such an innovative product. The benefits are obvious:

  • profitability - a pinch of money is enough for one washing;
  • universality - can be used in the three variations presented above;
  • convenience - the bottle can be taken with you on a journey or to classes at a sports club, it will not spill in your bag;
  • safety - powder contains less alcohol than liquid cleansers that dry skin.

But, despite all the advantages, there are some disadvantages here:

  • not all products are equally good, so you should carefully study the composition, and if it contains several active acids and enzymes, it is better to refuse it to owners of sensitive skin;
  • the product is not effective for removing decorative cosmetics, for this you need to use additional funds.

The rest of the powder for washing is a wonderful cosmetic product that will help gently cleanse the skin from impurities and give it a healthy, radiant look.

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