Pros and cons of holiday in Sweden

Advertising vacations in Sweden are not often seen in advertising leaflets. But from this country does not become less attractive for tourists. Here both lovers of ski resorts and those who prefer relax on the beach can have a great rest. Alpine peaks and untouched islands of nature, archipelagoes, endless beaches - and this is not all the beauty of Sweden. We offer to get to know them better.

Impressive versatility

Immediately it should be said that the main disadvantage of recreation in Sweden is its cost. To see the maximum number of interesting places, and feel the real comfort, which is paid special attention, will have to fork out. But instead, in addition to the picturesque landscapes, you will get another excellent service, oriented to the client.

What is worth visiting in Sweden?

Stockholm. This city is recognized as one of the most developed in Western Europe. People come here first of all to get a portion of cultural “pleasure”, because it is in Stockholm that the main number of museums of all kinds are focused.

The most famous of them is the Nobel Museum, where you can learn a lot of new and interesting things about Alfred Nobel himself and the award he founded. The largest art gallery is located in the National Museum, and in the Vasa Museum you can see the only sailing ship in the world that has survived from the 17th century, and several exhibitions dedicated to it.

And if you go on vacation with children, be sure to check out the "Unibaken Museum". You will enter the fairy-tale world, where the heroes of the works of Tuve Janson, Astrid Lindgren and other children's writers live.

But from the modern entertainment that will introduce you to the city, it is worth noting Sky View - a unique attraction, which is a glass sphere, rising to a height of 130 meters. From there, a great view of the city. The duration of such a “high-altitude excursion” is 20 minutes.

GotlandThis is an island where you can relax on the beach in summer, and get acquainted with the cultural heritage in all the rest of the year. To do this, be sure to look into the city of Visby. There you can see beautiful 18th century houses with tiled roofs, old mills and ancient stone fences. And having traveled a few kilometers from the city, visit one of the favorite “fabulous places” described in the book by Astrid Lindgren “Peppy Long Stocking”. This is a museum in the villa "Chicken".Those who read the famous work, know exactly what is at stake.

Gothenburg. Of course, seeing the long coastal line, sea lovers will prefer to swim in the sea first. But afterwards you should definitely see one of the main cultural treasures - the opera house. And after the ballet, musical or show, which are put here, you can look into the restaurant, located in the same place. Excellent cuisine and a gorgeous view of the river, which opens from the veranda, you provided.

Travelers who are hunting for thrills and new emotions should definitely go to the biggest amusement park in Scandinavia. All sorts of attractions, performances and shows await you there.

By the way, to get acquainted with local cuisine guides are advised in Gothenburg, which is famous for its chefs. They have repeatedly won the recognition of world chefs and prestigious awards.

OreTourists from all over the world strive to get here in winter, because Åre is one of the most popular ski resorts. It is divided into four villages, which are connected by bus routes. Here is the best system of lifts in Europe, and safety is thought out to the smallest detail.That is why from November to May in Ore comes a huge number of families with children who are happy to learn the basics of skiing.

A significant plus of the resort - more affordable prices than in the nearby Alps. But the exotic is probably even brighter - from walking in a sleigh pulled by reindeer, ending with the delicacies of local cuisine - for example, freshly smoked salmon.

Malmo. This small town attracts mainly travelers who prefer a relaxing holiday. Since the territory of Malmo is not big at all, all interesting places are within walking distance.

In addition to a large number of cozy and comfortable beaches, it is worth seeing historical sights, located mainly in the center, as well as modern man-made buildings. The main one is the 190-meter “Turning Torso” skyscraper.

And having decided to go on a picnic, you will have to choose from a huge number of chic gardens, attracting with their aromas in the warm season.

Selen. What to do at this ski resort in Sweden besides skiing? Be sure to visit the unusual and original "MakSki".There can order a delicious fast food skiers who decide to rest after long races.

Swedish resorts, of course, are not cheap. But everything is more than compensated by excellent service and ideal places to relax, where world celebrities may well be your neighbors. Famous models, performers and actors often come here to forget about work for a while. This is the hospitable Swedes advise to do and you, promising a warm welcome.

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