Prevention of influenza: modern medicines and traditional methods

Flu prevention is unthinkable without vaccination. But before you do this, you need to consult with your doctor. The fact is that certain requirements are imposed on the procedure for vaccination of the population: the patient must be completely healthy, and the vaccine itself should be done in early October (some time before the expected epidemic). As soon as the vaccine is introduced, the body will begin to produce antibodies that confront the influenza virus.
Doctors have reported that homeopathic remedies, for example, Anaferon, Otsillokoktsinkkm, Aflubin, are a good help in preventing flu. These drugs have both antiviral and immunomodulatory properties. However, homeopathic medicines should be taken with extreme caution, since there is a risk of individual intolerance to certain components contained in their composition.For the prevention of influenza, it is enough to take one tablet of one or another drug within a month.Homeopathic remedies do not deplete the human immune system and work effectively even with late treatment of the flu!
Preventing influenza may include taking the drug Arbidol. The course of administration - one capsule daily for 10 days. Children up to 10 years old need only a pediatric dosage specified in the instructions for the drug. Doctors recommend taking this remedy in combination with “Kagocel”: in this case, the benefits of taking medication will increase significantly. The fact is that Kagocel stimulates the production of its own interferon in the human body, contributing to its intensive fight against the influenza virus. It should be noted that this drug is absolutely contraindicated for children under 6 years old!
Another option for the prevention of flu and colds is the exchange of nasal drops for “Grippferon” or “Derinat”. To enhance the anti-inflammatory effect of the reception of the selected funds must be supplemented with a complex of minerals and vitamins. To prevent the spread of the flu virus indoors, in an apartment or at home, you must resort to onions or garlic.They need to cut and spread into all available rooms. The destruction of the virus occurs when onion and garlic vapor enters the nasal passages.Doctors advise to eat three cloves of garlic every day during seasonal flu epidemics and in the cold season!
Among the popular methods of preventing the occurrence of influenza should be reminded of the proper care of their own respiratory organs. Twice a day it is necessary to thoroughly wash the nose and nasal passages with soap. Morning and evening, you must gargle with solutions of furatsilina or chamomile. In the autumn-winter period, it is recommended to take echinacea - grass that helps strengthen the body's cells: if the virus gets inside, the immune agents are activated and destroy it purposefully.
Do not forget about a certain diet. It is necessary to lean on food rich in microelements and vitamins: fresh fruits and vegetables, berry fruit drinks, frozen or fresh greens, fortified drinks. It is necessary to use as much pure water as possible, fresh orange juice, warm teas with honey or jam.It is recommended to supplement your diet with the use of certain herbal infusions, for example, brew chamomile pharmacy.