Photo Compression Software

Each graphic file has its own parameters: size and weight. Usually the file weight is calculated in kilobytes or, if the image is large and of good quality, in megabytes. Both inches and centimeters can be used to calculate sizes, but on the Internet, people usually are used to counting the length and width of an image in pixels.
The site where you plan to upload a photo may require you to have a picture that will either have a weight of no more than a certain number, or will satisfy the desired pixel values, and often both.
To compress the image yourself before uploading, you can use special programs that allow you to reduce the size of the photo without losing quality.


Paint, a graphics program built into every Windows system, allows you to reduce any image by the number of percent or pixels you need.
To compress a photo using Paint, right-click on the file's icon, and select the option “Change” in the context menu. Next, click on the item "Resize" and enter the required parameters in the field.Do not forget to check whether there is a tick near the option "Preserving proportions", otherwise Paint deforms the image, compressing it only on one side.


With the help of the popular Photoshop editor, you can compress any photos without losing quality. To do this, open the file in the program and in the "Image" menu, select "Image Size". A window should open allowing compression of the graphic file to the required parameters in length and width.
In addition, by changing the length and width of the photo to the number of percent or pixels you need, Photoshop will show the resulting weight of the image in megabytes. If the weight of the file even after reduction was large enough, then you can try to compress it by adjusting the quality through the menu item "Save As".

Other applications

To compress graphic files, you can download a special free program that can quickly reduce photos to specific sizes, such as Light Image Resizer. With its help, you can not only change the parameters of the file, but also impose your own logo or convert the image to any graphic format: starting from standard jpeg and ending with png or gif.To start the process of compression, you just need to drag the desired images with a mouse into a special field of the program and select compression parameters in Settings.
There are many similar programs, so you can easily choose the right one.