Personal experience: “How I lost 15 kg without denying myself anything”

The journalist told how she overcame the excess weight for five months, not starving and not being killed in the gym ...

It is necessary to start with the fact that I have always enjoyed delicious food. Salads and fruits did not inspire me, but a burger or crispy fries! .. For this, I was ready to sell my soul. Yes, yes, and mayonnaise to me is still, please pour.

Up to 25 years, my body tolerated all this in silence, but at 26 ... as if I launched a time bomb: I began to crawl away by leaps and bounds.

Photo: @krisdes

I celebrated my 27th birthday in the weight of 77 kilograms. I did not immediately notice it, but at some point, older women in the subway began to give me a place.

"Sit down, dear," the ladies appealed to me. “We all once were in this position ...”

“In what other position? - I wondered to myself, but sat on the vacant place, thanks for the courtesy. Oh yes! They thought I was pregnant! ”

The abdomen at the first breast size turned into perhaps the most bulging part of the body.Since the appearance in a person is not the main thing, for some time I just turned a blind eye to the problem, but then there was a trip to the sea. I didn’t take my tunic off that holiday. So I sat on the beach and looked with envy at women 40–45 years old who looked like girls, and thought: “How did it happen that I turned into a hippo swollen with fat?”

Photo: @krisdes
Photo: @krisdes

The turning point was February 20, 2018. For work it was necessary to urgently send a fresh photo. And it simply did not turn out ... At some point, without knowing it, I stopped taking pictures, buy new things and take care of myself. Food overshadowed all the pleasures, turned into a cult ... I was shaken up. I decided to urgently lose weight!

March: without sweet and flour

The first thing I refused is sweet! And not only chocolate, but also all kinds of poppy buns, cakes and even a cracker with coffee turned out to be banned for me ... It was not difficult, because I had never particularly loved desserts before. But the separation from the flour was flour. The first week, sitting on a diet of fish, buckwheat and vegetable soup, I literally climbed onto the wall. I really wanted to cook spaghetti and sprinkle parmesan cheese on it, swallow a couple of burgers in the park and ... But you never know how good things exist in the world ?!

I wanted to boil the spaghetti and sprinkle them with cheese, so that I literally climbed onto the wall!

I did not starve. She ate as much as she wanted. But only healthy food. In the end, my breakfast consisted of porridge or cottage cheese. For lunch, rice or buckwheat with fish, well, and dinner allowed herself a light soup.

The only thing I didn’t limit myself to was fruits and vegetables. And drank a day at least four liters of water.

For the first month, 5 kilograms left, and by the end of April I weighed 70 already.

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April: no coffee

The first kilograms left simply and quickly. I barely had time to rejoice and buy new clothes! But then the weight-measurement. Maybe because I still ignored the sport or the body dropped the ballast and did not intend to lose weight further (in April, when it was snowing in Moscow for a minute).

But I was belligerent. Since there was only coffee left out of the HLS, the beloved lavender raf set off first. And after cappuccino and latte.

The problem of reincarnation from the "behemoth" in the "slender doe" was solved. The weight crawled down again, but why didn’t anyone tell me that losing weight would entail such an annoying nuisance as wanting to sleep all the time ?! The idea to snooze on the table at the working computer visited me almost every hour.The smell of freshly brewed coffee from each coffee house was so attractive that I wanted to kill for it. And once I fell through. Went to the pastry shop, ordered a large croissant and coffee. “I will eat you and do not blink an eye!” - I thought, paying for the tasty food at the checkout. When I brought the purchase to the table, it seems, even my hands began to shake. But will power (it must be iron in me!) And common sense won desire. And the coffee and the croissant remained on the table. And I left. That day I was very proud of myself.

I lost the habit of coffee in about three weeks - not without an assistant. They became good green tea. Drink and invigorated, and gave me a taste of pleasure. No wonder they say that it takes 21 days to get rid of the habit. This rule worked perfectly for me!

May: portions are smaller

By the end of May, the total weight dropped was 12 kilograms. Weighed about 65 kilograms. On the one hand, it is still a lot, on the other - with a height of 175 centimeters, I already fit into the so-called height-to-weight ratio tables.

Portions decreased by themselves. No, I'm still not hungry. Only began to eat less food.

I didn’t even remember about sweets and coffee, but I was drawn to the crispy baguettes with double force. I dreamed about them at night, invitingly “smiling” from shop windows, they were caught in the eye every now and then.

In addition, some kind of “banned” in my healthy diet, I wanted so much that in the evenings they began to slip the melted cheese, then the crab sticks. Although before that I had not suffered from a love for chemical products.

"Forbidden" in my healthy lifestyles like so much that fell on processed cheese and crab sticks

And so I fell for a baguette.

“It is better to have black bread with bran than to kill your body with“ eshkami, ”I reasoned. And even once a week she allowed herself spaghetti from durum wheat. What for? Probably because the realization has already come that this is not a diet at all, but a new way of life and thoughts.

By the fourth month, I realized that healthy food could be tasty. Besides, I so often all this time distracted myself from snacking with new books, traveling out of town and inventing all sorts of hobbies that I was drawn in, and the food somehow faded into the background.

July: food is no longer a cult!

Having lost weight, I again fell in love with being photographed ...
Photo: Sergey Djevahashvili

At the very beginning of my weight loss, a friend (who, by the way, also went on a diet!) Said: “A woman experiences pleasure in one of two cases: when she looks naked at herself in the mirror or when she eats!”

So it didn’t work for me ... Now I weigh 62 kilograms and am almost satisfied with myself! Any trip to the store brings joy - I calmly get into things of the size “M”, and in social networks I was even somehow accused of photoshop. Like, legs can not be so slim and long at the same time ...

But at the same time I still love to eat and enjoy the food. No, fat burger and fries are no longer my ideal. But I learned how to make fantastic stuffed peppers, make eggplants for snacks and strawberry green tea cocktails ...

I do not consider my figure perfect, but I don’t want to become fiton
Photo: Sergey Djevahashvili
I learned how to cook fantastic stuffed peppers, make eggplants and green tea cocktails with strawberries for a snack ...

“Do you really like all that?” Another friend asked me recently. I thought about this question so much that I even bought myself ciabatta with cheese and potatoes in oil. Like, please yourself! In the end, not ate half.

Do I want to lose weight further? I am not sure. Still, fitonies, who are counting calories from morning to evening, can’t see myself ... Yes, and still killing because of every extra kilogram I still think is crazy.I have reached the weight with which I am comfortable to live. I did it without hard diets, stress and sports, which, frankly, I dislike a little. I feel much more confident and a little happier.