Pelagia spun romance with a 24-year-old hockey player

The actress and the young athlete do not hide their relationship and appear together everywhere.

Very little has always been known about the personal life of a famous singer. Pelagia skillfully hides the naughty details that her fans are so eager to learn. This time, the singer failed to make a secret from the new novel with the 24-year-old CSKA hockey player Ivan Telegin.

Photo: Ruslan Roshchupkin / Channel One

I must say that after the divorce from the Comedy Woman director Dmitry Yefimovich, 29-year-old Pelageya was first seen in the company of a man. Before that, the artist appeared in public exclusively in the company of her friends.

About the new elect of the mentor "Voices" it is known that he was married and he has a young son Mark. As it was possible to find out “StarHit”, Ivan began dating a star when he was still married. At first, their meetings were secret, and waiting for the birth of his son, who was born in February 2016, he told his wife Eugenia about his retirement.

Photo: @official_pelageya

Telegin recently put a final point in the love triangle, announcing a divorce.

“Vanya recently divorced, but still does not want to advertise relations with Pelageya. At least until the end of the hockey season, ”said"StarHit"hockey player Nikita Oleinik.