Papilotki: how to use?

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Papilotki: how to use?

Papilottes are the progenitors of all modern curlers. For waving hair papilotki used even our great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers. Yes, yes, you heard right, it was great-grandfathers - in the nineteenth century, when the curls were especially fashionable, they twisted hair on papilotki and representatives of the stronger sex. Let us consider in more detail what papilotki is and how to use them.

What is papilotki

Papillots are small soft tubes used for curling hair. Initially papilotki made of paper. To fix the papillo on the hair, its corners were folded and twisted among themselves. But such papillots were not always able to be securely fastened, since the paper tips easily broke off, therefore their design was slightly modified. In the improved files, a strip of paper was wrapped around a woven ribbon, the ends of which were tied with a small bow. They were replaced by factory papilotki made of polyurethane or foam rubber.

The advantages of papillotok over other means for curling hair

  • Papillots, unlike ploek and hair dryers, do not burn hair, so you can use them daily;
  • Papilottes, unlike a perm, do not violate the hair structure;
  • Papillots differ from solid curlers in that they allow you to get more natural curls, without bends and kinks. In addition, papilotki soft, so it is possible to sleep with them.

How to use papilotki

  • On papilotki, in principle, you can wind the hair of any length, although the best results are obtained on long and medium length hair;
  • For a full curling of hair, hairdressers advise to purchase (or manufacture) two dozen papillotok, although to twist only the tips of the strands, a dozen papillotok is sufficient;
  • On papilotki you can wind the strands to the very roots or only to the middle of the hair - it all depends on what kind of hairstyle you want to get as a result of their use;
  • Papilotki need to be wound only on freshly washed hair, on dirty hair curls will not hold.


  1. Wash your hair and dry it.It is not necessary to twist wet hair on papilotki - in a tightly twisted state, they simply will not dry. Some manufacturers in the instructions for papilotkami advise to twist on them completely dry hair, but this is still not worth it, because dry hair very badly “remember” the shape. The best option for curling - slightly damp hair.
  2. Carefully comb wet hair, if you have very “naughty” ones, apply some styling products (mousse or gel) on them and spread it over the entire length of hair with a comb.
  3. Divide the hair into several large strands, for their separation, use hairdressing hair clips.
  4. Then, with a comb, separate the smaller strands from them and alternately wrap them on papilotki. It is more convenient to do this starting from the forehead, then you should wind the temporal and occipital strands and strands on the crown.
  5. Press the tip of each strand with the fingers to the surface of the file, stretch the hair strand and slowly rotate the file with both hands, winding the hair tightly up to the length you need. In this case, make sure that the tip of the strands is not knocked out from under the turns of hair. When your hair is wrapped on a papillo, fix it on your hair - tie the ribbon tightly with a bow or twist the flexible plastic ends together.
  6. For a high-quality curling, hold the papillots on your hair for at least four hours, if you are going to go to bed with them, put a hair net on your head or knit a thin scarf.