Paper-Nosed Bookmarks

Fun and funnyNosed Paper Bookmarksfor children's books.

Materials and tools:

  1. colored cardboard;
  2. chenille wire;
  3. scissors;
  4. office knife;
  5. hole punch;
  6. ruler;
  7. glue;
  8. eyes.

Step 1

Take a sheet of colored cardboard and cut a rectangle of 7x14 cm from it.

In the rectangle, approximately, in the center (retreating from the sides 1.5-2 cm) we make 2 parallel cuts with a stationery knife.

At the bottom, cut with a scissor, a rounded nose, you can also use a stationery knife, after drawing a nose round with a pencil.

It remains to glue the eyes and make of the Chenille wire horns (antennae). Everything, the bookmark is ready.

You can bookmark any shape, size, and also decorate at your discretion. The main thing is the long nose of the bookmark.