Paper Flowers for Teacher’s Day

A pleasant surprise to the teacher for his professional holiday can be done with his own hands, using various means in his work. One of the most accessible options is making crafts on paper for teachers' Day.

If you wish, you can make a lot of attractive things out of paper: postcards, decorative panels, appliqués and even large items such as flowers. Flowers made from paper on Teacher's Day will be especially relevant because they serve as a recognized and long-established traditional token and sympathy.

 a bunch of paper for the teacher

a bunch of paper for the teacher

To create them, you will need to prepare in advance:

  • a small (half-liter) transparent plastic bottle;
  • cells from the carton carriage from under the eggs;
  • segments of green and yellow blue (fluffy) wire;
  • corrugated or t nikuyu (translucent) colored paper;
  • scissors;
  • transparent glue.
Materials for crafts

Materials for crafts

We’ve started. / /p>

We cut the semi-oval flower petals out of paper.

We paste the cell from the carriage from under the eggs with them - we stick a row of petals outside and the - inside it.

 Paste the cell outside

Paste the cell outside

 glue the cell from the inside At

We paste the cell from the inside

Depending on the size of the petals, four to eight pieces will be applied to the pasting. Too small petals are not recommended, as it is more difficult to work with them, and the carriage will be visible between the adjacent petals.

Carefully make a hole in the center of the cell and pass a piece of yellow blue-colored wire into it like a pestle of a flower.

From the back to the yellow wire we screw the green one to make a small stalk.

The first flower is ready.

We make several such flowers to make a beautiful bouquet.

Now we make a vase for them: glue the prepared bottle over with transparent pieces colored paper.

Put the bouquet in a vase - and our giftready!

 Bouquet for Teacher's Day

Bouquet for Teacher's Day

Such flowers from colored paper for Teacher's Day can be presented to all teachers - this gift does not require any special expenses, and making it does not take much time.