Original T-shirt

Many of us, buying a T-shirt or T-shirt, try to buy one that others do not have, overpaying at an exorbitant price. And then, somewhere in the city, they meet someone with the same T-shirt or T-shirt, and a moment of disappointment comes. Still, there is a way out, it seems, from such a hopeless situation. You can do an exceptional thing with your own hands, and exclusive! And so, for this you will need a plain white T-shirt, thermal transfer paper, a printer, an iron, and for those who know how to work with Photoshop, a computer. First, choose a picture or photo that needs to be applied to the surface of a T-shirt or T-shirt.
 choose the picture
 it is necessary to put on the surface football
Then we print a photo or a drawing on thermal transfer paper on the printer, which is mainly implemented in A-4 format.
print the picture
Next, for 15-20 minutes, let the paints dry on paper, if desired,The printed image can be slightly dried with a hairdryer. You must first smooth the T-shirt or T-shirt well, that is, prepare the surface on which the image will be applied. One significant circumstance on which you need to focus attention, if there is an inscription on the applied image, then the image should be printed in a mirror image. Otherwise, after applying the image on the fabric letters of the text will be deployed in the opposite direction. After the image is printed, the edges of the paper along the contour should be cut off, departing 2-3 millimeters from the drawing or photo. Now we heat the iron by setting the temperature to maximum (this is about 190 degrees) and put a picture on the surface of the thing. Put on the paper is not excessively dense fabric, preferably a light color,
 put not excessively dense fabric
carefully and slowly begin to smooth thermal transfer paper with the image, trying to put pressure on the iron with the whole weight, lingering on a separate part of the paper surface for at least 20 seconds.
 iron iron carefully
Then give 7-10 minutes to cool, and separate the paper from the T-shirt, while the picture remains on the surface.
 separating paper from t-shirt
 the picture stays on the surface
So, you get an original T-shirt, which, by the way, can serve as a wonderful gift for loved ones. unique t-shirt
With this method of thermal transfer printing you can put logos, emblems, funny inscriptions without fear that even after the first washings the picture or inscription will crack or float. You can be sure that 100 wash your shirt or T-shirt will survive without problems. Another significant aspect, if you decide to put a pattern on black fabric, you should buy thermal transfer paper for dark fabrics. Thermal transfer paper is sold in the stationery store or in computer stores, as often found in private ads,hosted on sites. From this it follows that with a minimum of costs, you get a quality product that only you have in a single copy.