Online discussing the pregnancy of 36-year-old Vodonaevoy

They say her husband, DJ Alexei Komov, talked about the interesting position of the star.

“The beautiful always stretches only to the beautiful” - with these words, the ex-star of “House-2” married a musician known as Alexey Kosinus or DJ Zeskullz.

The wedding was played last year in St. Petersburg - with a beautiful photo shoot, everything is as it should be. The second time the wedding was played just the other day - in Las Vegas. And again, photos, videos - everything is beautiful and desperately stylish. All this year, Alain does not get tired to admire her husband in social networks.

She likes everything about him - even the fact that he never takes a selfie.

Photo: @alenavodonaeva

“I would never have married a selfist,” says Vodonaeva. Well, for the selfist. And for the talker? ..

After returning from America, the newlyweds went to the festival Alfa Feature People, where Alexey performed with a DJ set. Alyona became his faithful cameraman, taking his beloved off the stage. And here Alexey made an unfortunate miscalculation. Well, or made a carefully calculated move.As the fans clearly heard at the stage, he dedicated his next track to his beloved wife. And not just a beloved, but a “beloved pregnant wife.”

August 16, 2018 at 1:14 pdt

Got out of an excess of emotion, or maybe the fans misheard? After all, the figure of Alena does not give the slightest reason for suspicion. And she herself - comments.

Recall, the 36-year-old model brings up his seven-year-old son, Bogdan, who was born married to businessman Alexei Malakeyev. Mom out of her seems very strict. In any case, judging by the posts about education, which Alena puts on Instagram, you cannot play with her.