On hand: everything you need for a home bar

There is hardly a man in the world who does not dream of having a bar in his own apartment. Woman’s Day will tell you what basic alcohol and dishes you can’t do in preparing most classic cocktails.

Alcohol: gin, whiskey, vodka, rum and tequila

Home bar
Home bar
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Gin is indispensable in cocktails such as Long Island and White Lady. Lovers drink it and just like that - with a cooled tonic. You can store a bottle of gin in the fridge freezer.

Good whiskey is sensible to drink in its pure form, with ice. In addition, it is useful for making classic cocktails - Old Fashioned and Manhattan. For storage of whiskey fit dry, cool and dark place. If the drink is young, you can keep the bottle upright. It is better to lay a bottle of collectible whiskey of solid age on its side or even place it on a special stand: this way the cork will remain moist and will not lose its hermetic properties.

Vodka is one of the main components of the famous Cosmopolitan and Long Island, as well as James Bond's favorite cocktail Vesper.The recipe of which can be seen in the movie "Casino Royale." For the mini-bar you need classic wheat vodka with no additives and flavors. Like gin, it can be stored in the freezer.

Rum is one of the ingredients of “Cuba Libre”, a multi-component “Long Island” and the base of an infinite number of fragrant punches, for example, the pirate punch “Yo-ho-ho”. Gold and dark rum are the most "multifunctional": they are suitable for making not only cocktails, but also desserts and pastries.

Tequila is an essential alcohol base for the popular Margarita, Tequila Boom and Tequila Sunrise cocktails. The best option for a home bar is silver tequila, which is the softest and preserves the natural aroma of blue agave as much as possible.

In collecting colorful sweet liqueurs can be drawn seriously and for a long time. Peach is needed for “Sex on the Beach”, coconut - for “Pina Colada”, “Blue Curacao” - forBlue Hawaii. However, for starters, there will be enough universal Cointreau, necessary for Cosmopolitan, Long Island, Margherita and White Lady cocktails.