Offsite marriage registration - a new trend

Apparently, at last the moment has approached: you start to prepare for own wedding, exciting and trembling event about which since the childhood the majority of girls dreams. Each beautiful individual, of course, has his own ideas about the upcoming event, someone is striving to sign the same way as our parents did once, and someone all his life dreamed of a fairytale wedding ceremony, similar to most American films.

A beautiful flower arch, elegant chairs, where all the closest relatives and friends, live music and a bride are sitting, which moves along a long corridor to the sound of beautiful music to their chosen one. The picture is beautiful, but how can you foresee everything, because you want so much that the ceremony should be easy and smooth, in the same breath? To do this, have to work hard.

Gorgeous sight

It should be immediately understood, the away wedding ceremony is a kind of theater, a small production for guests and a beautiful memory, but no more.In any case, by law, you still have to register at the registry office, usually young people do it in advance or in the morning on the day of the celebration, so the documentary date of your wedding is the day of the painting in the registry office.

But, despite the fact that the formal registration of the wedding is done in advance, the visiting ceremony still has a decent list of pleasant advantages. Perhaps that is why the majority of newlyweds still tend to this way of celebrating, refusing the classical painting in the registry office.

Needless to say, everything goes forward, trends and traditions change, and if you want to keep up with them, then an away wedding ceremony is just for you.

The advantages of staged painting

Not every city in the registry office is a wonderful and romantic place to connect two loving hearts, the standard setting is unlikely to please you, and your wedding photos from registration will be identical to all other photos of the newlyweds, who also signed the registry office.

The aunt-recorder will read a few standard phrases with unchanging intonation; you will sign and drink a glass of champagne. Boring and monotonous.Whether it is a field registration, where everything can be done exclusively according to the scenario that is close to your couple, it is not necessary to stand in line at the registry office (and it will be there, and it does not matter that you are scheduled for 13.00), because of which it will shift all celebration of celebration, crumpled photo session and banquet.

Find a good leader

Yes, and guests, by the way, do not have something to entertain for several hours while you go to take pictures, because you can invite them immediately to the evening registration, after which a solemn banquet will be held.

But the first half of the day, you can safely devote yourself to collecting, traveling to your favorite places and creating beautiful pictures. All the time, you can easily calculate in such a way that you have time to hold the ceremony, after it to be photographed with friends and family, to launch balloons or sky lanterns, while you do not have to hamper other grooms and brides under the walls of the registry office.

The most pleasant thing about all this is that you can choose everything: the type of arch that leads the ceremony, the time of the ceremony, the venue, the sound of the music and even the script of the celebration itself!

What is necessary for a beautiful and spiritual exit ceremony?

First you need to choose a venue. The best option is to conduct an action in the restaurant, so you will not have to transport guests, as they will immediately arrive from the house to the designated place.

If you choose a particular point of the city, for example, a pier in the center or a part of the city park, the gazebo may well have to pay for rent. The venue for you may be prompted by the organizer of the exit registration, the hiring of which, by the way, should also be seriously considered.

Flowers and fabrics

Such an event is quite difficult in the organization, if you want everything to go smoothly, without hitches and unnecessary nerves, it is better to use the services of such a person. Not only will he coordinate the entire ceremony, he will also tell you what, how and where to do better.

Place for the ceremony, you can choose depending on the subject of the wedding: for example, to organize an exit registration on the beach, if you have a sea or tropical wedding. Parks, squares, shores of lakes or rivers are suitable for spring weddings and eco-style weddings.

Sometimes exit ceremonies are organized in the backyard of a rented cottage or boarding house, where a banquet is held, and visiting guests settle in at the same place. The next moment is the choice of the leader, it is better that he and the toastmaster be two different people.

After all, your guests think that a real action is taking place before them, why prove to them otherwise? Choose a person who is pleasant to you externally and by voice, because he must spend the most touching and quivering moments of your event.

Check out the chairs

Take care of the registration of the place of exit registration, because, in fact, this is the main reason why the majority of newlyweds refuse from the standard procedure of painting in the registry office.

The most important decoration is, of course, the arch, under which all the main action will be carried out. It can be decorated with flowers, living or artificial, someone prefers the arch to a beautiful tent, which is usually decorated with delicate fabrics, flowers or other accessories that are combined with the overall decor of the celebration.

Some couples refuse to use standard arches and just decorate the registration area with flowers, decorative elements or garlands.

Do not forget to take care of your guests, they are usually placed chairs that are decorated in the overall style of the wedding. Usually they are rented at an institution where a celebration will be held, if there is no possibility to arrange chairs for all guests, then at least take care of the elder relatives and guests. Be sure to make sure that there is a person who can seat on their seats, arriving at the celebration, guests.

This is a very beautiful process

Discuss with the company that will design your ceremony, all the little things, discuss the decor in detail so that it matches the image of the bride and groom, as well as the general style of the wedding. It is better if the company that deals with the design of your exit registration will deal with the design of the banquet hall.

Usually, in addition to the chairs and the arch, a walkway is required, along which the bride will walk to the altar, as well as a table or stand, behind which there will be a presenter.

Do not forget about the musical accompaniment of the ceremony, because it is, in many respects, that sets the general tone and mood of the action. Discuss with the organizers if they have their own musician or you will have to hire this person separately.Choose a few songs, perhaps it will be a classic Mendelssohn waltz or some meaningful melodies for you.

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