Office Romance: Good or Bad?


In our country, the concept of a service novel is quite common. To him and the attitude is quite adequate - this is another way to find a companion or life partner. And if in the United States or Europe relations are not documented by the rules of their colleagues, then several generations have been brought up on the popular film "Office Romance" with a happy ending.

In life, not always as in films. And office romance is no exception. It is important to weigh all the pros and cons before you rush into the whirlpool with your head.

Although office romance in life arises much earlier than we get a job. First we fall in love with a group of kindergarten, then in our own classmates and schoolmates. It is not surprising that when you get into a work collective, many start looking at their colleagues. Let's try to figure out what the advantages and disadvantages of relationships at work.

Love at work

Business people in modern times love at work is not encouraged.Employers believe that such relationships among colleagues cause a decrease in labor productivity.

Psychologists claim that the fault lies with the companies themselves: people have to work for many hours, and therefore they do not have time to meet with someone other than their colleagues. The more a person spends time in the office, the more chances to fall in love with one of his colleagues. There is another pattern: the narrower the state, the higher the chances of a close relationship.

Office Romance: Good or Bad?

It is noticed that people of different sexes understand office romance differently. The stronger sex is sure that love at work is a common hobby. They do not want to end their wedding. But the weaker sex is not against becoming the wife of a colleague; They are satisfied with this state of affairs.

Love affair at work. pros

Consider the main advantages that brings office romance in our lives:

1. Joy of work

If earlier you went to work from under a stick, and the alarm clock did not cause anything but irritation in the mornings, then from the moment of the birth of relations you will happily jump up and rush to the office in order to see your loved one again. Now work becomes a joy, because He or She is there.

2. Permanent meetings

Love is beautiful in itself. But one thing, if you see only on the weekends, and another - all day long. There is a wide range of tools and ways to get closer to the second half, to get her attention. Yes, and to miss a colleague is difficult, he is always in sight. And even if you are forced to constantly stay at work, you can always find a moment to be alone.

Of course, the constant proximity to the object of attention - this is a plus at the dawn of relations. But surely you will not get tired of it in the future?

3. Access to information

You do not have to guess and torment yourself with questions: is your second half free? You have the opportunity to easily learn everything about the nature, marital status, habits and other useful information. This will help accounting, personnel department and other staff.

4. Labor productivity

Contrary to the opinions of experts who argue that lovers can not clearly think and work normally, because his thoughts are busy all day with the second half, you can not agree with that. For many, this feeling is just an aid. It is akin to a cup of coffee, ice shower, or heat on a frosty day.This feeling sharpens everything, and also makes it faster and more efficient to do the work in order to quickly get free and see the loved one again.

Office Romance: Good or Bad?

5. Office parties and corporate parties

In many companies, there is a tradition to celebrate holidays together in offices or corporate parties. There is a plus in relations with a colleague, because often when people from different teams come to each other for holidays, they feel awkward. There is no such problem here, because you have common colleagues, everyone is familiar with each other.

6. Lack of time

Often the work takes all the free and unfree time, so there is no desire to go somewhere or to meet someone. In this situation, the office romance becomes even salvation.

7. General goals

People who work together have similar interests, hobbies, tastes. You become one team, you feel intimacy, because you work on a project together. Perhaps in the future you will even open a joint business. In addition, you are united in hatred of nasty employees, support each other.

8. Mutual friends

When you tell each other about colleagues, you always know who this is about.Unlike other people who soon lose the thread of the story of office intrigue, you always know what is happening.

Office Romance: Good or Bad?

9. Mutual assistance

When work becomes a great deal, you are able to help each other, and not just cheer verbally.

Love affair at work. Minuses

But be that as it may, the office romance has some drawbacks that are important to consider:

1. If it does not work

If love has passed, or the relationship has not developed, then you will become as bad as it was good before. If any other relationship and a person is easy to strike out of life, removing his contacts and adding to the "black list", then it will not work like that. You will have to see each other every day, to suffer, and over time, former love is annoying. The first thought in this situation is dismissal. But remember the school. You did not go to another school, if that happened. Learn to deal with this and now.

Yes, you all know about the second half. But remember that your loved one knows all the information about you. This is pretty annoying.

2. Constant gossip

Remember the situation in the movie "Office Romance" with Olga and Samokhvalov? And although there are no trade unions today, they will always talk and discuss. People will speculate, ask uncomfortable questions, make hints.And from this you can not get anywhere. Your whole personal life becomes clear. And it’s not a fact that colleagues will positively relate to such a novel. And if you break up, it will be a show for everyone.

3. Non-professional approach to work

Of course, it happens that this is the person whom you have been searching for all your life, therefore the official position does not stop. But if you have doubts: to start or not to start a novel, whether it is worth it or not, then remember - this is unprofessional. You can not mix career, interests of the company and personal life in one bottle. Why extra emotions if it is important to think and reflect with a bright head.

Office Romance: Good or Bad?

4. Difference in position

If you are at the head, and your half is subordinate, then be attentive. Often, a loved one believes that your orders and instructions are not for him.

5. Lack of proper time and space

Work is rarely associated with pleasant emotions. Often money is the main goal. After a while you will start to consider a partner as necessary, but not important. At first, daily meetings are good, but then, when everything is annoying, you are annoyed by the lack of free time.

6. For a career

If you are in a leadership position, then perhaps the person starts a love affair with you for the sake of career growth. Think about it, so as not to be in an unpleasant situation.

Another situation - if you decide on a novel for the sake of the situation. In this case, you lose status in the eyes of colleagues and friends. Since that moment, no one will appreciate your professionalism, but will only judge by their sexual qualities. Also be ready to change attitudes or relations with colleagues and constant podkolam.

Few people manage to maintain relationships with daily meetings and cohabitation. Still, rest from each other is also necessary.

7. Constant distraction from work

Whatever it was, but love in the service distracts from the main affairs, because you can be dismissed because of constant failures, and together with the beloved.

8. The trend towards convergence

Sooner or later your relationship will become even closer, you will start living together. But are you ready to see the same person around you around the clock?

Famous Office Romance

Our world is periodically shaken by sensational and hot details of savory scandals. Popular politicians and other areaswho seem to want to seem like exemplary family men and act as an example for other people, do not mind dressing up employees and starting a relationship right at work.

Office Romance: Good or Bad?

Among the well-known service novels in the first place is the relationship of the President of the United States, Bill Clinton and his trainee, Monica Lewinsky. A similar story happened earlier with the previous leader of this country - John Kennedy and Marion Fanstock who had been practicing it. It was said that Kennedy was a true ladies' man, he had many novels, among his beloved even called Marilyn Monroe.

The presidents of France are also famous for their affection. Known to the world, Jacques Chirac was an expert on "non-working" relations in the service. His driver even wrote a book, where he told that sex is the meaning of the life of the country's leader. Chirac liked all the women who can escape from work for at least 5 minutes.

One of the recent scandals on this ground is connected with the leader of Israel, Moshe Katsav. About 20 women were the victims of his persistent courtship at work. According to them, the leader of the country demanded that girls go to the service without underwear. Katsava was put on trial and sent into retirement.

Ex-President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili also had a relationship in the workplace. He played tricks with one woman politician and two press secretaries. At the same time, they say that one of them was even pregnant by Saakashvili.

Examples of stars and politicians inspire people to romance in the service, but it is important to remember that mixing personal life and work often does not bring anything positive.

The loudest novel in the service in Hollywood is the story of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The passions that broke out on the set of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” turned into reality. This did not prevent neither the marital status of Pitt, nor the indignation at Angelina. Over time, everything fell into place.

Love affair at work. Statistics

Fortunately or unfortunately, novels in the service are not the prerogative of only the powerful or the fantasies of the writers. He is submissive to all posts. Office romance statistics are truly astounding. But the reality and the consequences of few people are objectively:

51% of respondents are positive about novels in the service;
the remaining 49% are firmly convinced that there is no place for romance or any such relationship in the service;
37% of respondents believe that love in the service can have a happy-end;
27% believe that flirting at work is a way to raise the mood and increase efficiency;
22% of respondents frankly believe that there are people in their team who successfully combine love and service;
4% admit that they have had or have an affair with a colleague.

Office Romance: Good or Bad?

Useful flirt

Whatever is said about the advantages and disadvantages of relationships in the service, everyone knows that unobtrusive flirting with the opposite sex is natural for all people, regardless of gender, age and marital status. And not necessarily it will grow into a serious relationship.

Psychologists believe that people are flirting at the subconscious level in order to increase self-confidence. In addition, the scientists found that at the level of biochemistry in the course of such "games" hormones are being produced, which causes the body to be in good shape. So flirting is even good for health.

The benefit of a harmless flirting has long been proven, unless, of course, you do not plan to start a serious relationship with a colleague after him.

Another point that the novel has in its service is the downside. If the relationship does not work out, then you will meet frustration, stress, and even depression. Sometimes frustration becomes a battleground, and former lovers try to survive each other from work.But, as you know, the risk is a noble cause. And if you like a person, you should try, because everything is in your hands.