Now it’s clear: why babies shouldn’t show a mirror

We understand whether there is a rational grain in the old sign.

“Is it true that small children should not be shown a mirror? I personally do not believe in omens, but today my sister nursed her child and showed him a mirror. He looked at him for a long time, and then he began to cry very much, as if he was afraid of something. The husband scolded me, they say, it is impossible and all that, ”- I read the cry of the soul at the next mother forum. Modern mommy is clearly embarrassed to ask such a question, in the XXI century we still live ... "I did not attach importance before, but now I've seen plenty of horror movies, there are all kinds of passions ... Maybe I'm just too hypochondrous." It seems logical arguments are powerless.

Young mothers are really the most suspicious creatures in the world. We are ready to do anything, as long as the baby has a good: start talking scare, keep the name secret until the very baptism and generally hide the baby from prying eyes for at least a month after birth.

Why can't a child show a mirror
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But with mirrors, perhaps, the most terrible signs are connected. They are considered portals to the other world and a classic witch attribute. There are two versions of the prohibition of mirrors for children: one at a time, it is impossible to show a mirror to a child under one year old, on the other - until the first teeth erupt. If this ban is broken, the consequences will be terrible: the child will stutter, become painful, there will be problems with development, the teeth will start to be cut much later than necessary, and then they will constantly get sick. In addition, he is guaranteed problems with the development of speech, strabismus will appear, and even the child will receive a “fright” and will not sleep well. And the coolest: it is believed that the child in the mirror can see his old age, and therefore grow old and in fact.

The prohibition to look in the mirror also applies to mother. During menstruation and the postpartum period, a woman is considered “unclean”. At this time she should not go to church. And in the mirror for her "open grave." In general, he looked in the mirror - and died. The same applies to pregnant women. They can go to church, but a mirror is not allowed.

It is curious that this is a superstition - and this is it in its purest form - only among the Slavs.No other attire has terrible signs associated with mirrors, no. Horror movies there. But real fears are not. Our distant ancestors believed that the mirror accumulates negative energy. And when a baby looks at him, this energy spills over him. Baby shower is frightened and goes into the looking glass. Happiness in the life of this child can not be seen.

“I’m not going to comment on outright obscurantism, I’ll only say that the scientists found out,” laughs the educational psychologist Tatyana Martynova. - The child needs to look in the mirror. By the age of three months, he is already learning to focus. From the age of five months, children begin to recognize themselves in the mirror. The kid looks in the mirror, sees a stranger there, begins to smile, make faces. The stranger is repeating everything after him. And so comes the awareness of his reflection. "

It turns out that a mirror is such a simple tool that helps develop the cognitive sphere of a child. There is nothing wrong with this, of course. Bonus: older children often begin to kiss their reflection. Such a cool moment for a memory photo! Unless, of course, in the bank of your superstitions there is no ban on photographing children.