Why dream of a novel

If you have a love affair with someone from real people, it means that in reality you will enter into a new relationship. The dream about the novel says that you are ready to accept the advances of a character and expect decisive action from him.

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Dream romance dream
Dream romance dream

Esoteric dream book

When a sleeping person dreams that he has a love relationship with someone he knows, in the near future there may be a change in personal affairs. If you have an affair with a stranger, you will receive the attention of a person who suddenly appears in your life. Seeing that relationships have started with other people is feeling lonely.


  • Read the novel - new love adventures;

  • buying a novel - an event will occur that will shock you;

  • telling about the novel - an unexpected meeting.


Engage in love interactions in a dream with someone from relatives - to get a curse. Read - will return the former lover.

Sonic Fedorovskoy

If you buy a novel in the store, get ready for the fact that you confess in love.Pay attention to what novel you bought. If it is a thick, big book, then the relationship will be long and strong. Thin novel - to a fleeting passion, which will pass very quickly. If the novel reads someone else - you will hear the news of lovers.

Dream Interpretation of Meridian

To understand why the novel is dreaming, remember what sensations it caused in your dreams. If you were pleased with a man of the opposite sex, then in reality you are ready for a new romantic relationship that will soon come. Negative emotions from courting you may warn that you should not let too close to unfamiliar people to yourself.

The dream of psychologist G. Miller

From a psychological point of view, people who enter into a novel in a dream actually feel lonely. They want warmth and love.

  • romance is stormy - new emotions, meetings, events;

  • short-term romance - do not rush headlong into a new relationship, they will lead nowhere;

  • love affair with a man of the same sex - you are in for big trouble

Small Veles dream

In the dream book, the novel can be interpreted as a desire to bind to a person who is not ready for a relationship with you.Consider whether it is worth forcing to hold someone who does not love you.

  • novel read - to be disappointed;

  • hold in your hands - you will succeed, you only need to make an effort;

  • to burn a romance - to failures in love relationships;

  • see a novel from afar - learn about lovers.

If a sleeping person dreams that he is leafing through a novel, he may need to take the initiative in dealing with a loved one.