Do Nina Dobrev and Orlando Bloom meet?

Apart from Prince Harry, who unexpectedly spun an affair with American actress Megan Markle, we did not observe the appearance of star couples a long time ago. And now, it seems, “newcomers” appeared on the horizon: they say that after parting with Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom found solace on his shoulder ... Nina Dobrev, yes, yes, that very star of the series “The Vampire Diaries”. Recently, a couple saw together at one of the parties, which they also left together.


Well, rumors still need to be checked. Looking at Instagram Nina and Orlando, we did not find they had any joint pictures, and even the slightest evidence that they were meeting. As we remember, before the tabloids attributed to Nina a romance with actor Glen Powell (he didn’t have big roles, so don’t strain yourself, you don’t remember him), and the actress has known Orlando for many years. What made her look at him with different eyes? Let's wait for the details! After all, if the rumors are confirmed, we will have a no less beautiful couple than Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed.