Newspaper Cap

People used to read a lot of newspapers. Now much less. However, in each house there is a couple. What fate awaits them? Storage in the attic, delivery to waste paper ... No. With patience and imagination, you can make a hat. To make an original and wonderful hat, we need: • newspapers; • scissors; • • knitting needle (another thin stick); • • glue; • • clothespins; • • cardboard circle; • • suitable dishes; • • paint; • • varnish; • • decor. . Work stages: 1. From newspaper sheets it is necessary to make tubes for weaving. We cut the newspaper on identical strips. With one newspaper from 4 large sheets, 16 pages are obtained.
 divide the newspaper
2. Now from the newspaper strips-blanks start making tubes, winding blanks on the knitting needle. A few words about the thickness of the spokes. The thinner it is, the more elegant the product is. We attach a needle to the lower left corner of the strip, fix it and start to slowly wind it up.The tubule should be pretty solid. 3. We glue the corner with white glue.
 turn into a tube
 roll up a rectangle into a tube
 turn into a tube
edge is smeared with glue
 fix the tube
4. If you start to twist from the angle opposite to which there will be a white stripe on the newspaper, then the tube will turn out light, without inscriptions. If there is no white edge on the blank strip, the tube turns out to be color. 5. We start weaving. On the cardboard circle we fix 8 tubes in the form of a simple pattern with clothespins.
 tubes from a newspaper
 fix with clothespins
 Start Weaving
in as a simple pattern
 in the form of a simple pattern
6. Next, we introduce one tube, also securing it with a clothespin to the base, and begin to weave around in a circle. 7. In the process of work, we increase the tube: we insert the thin end into a thick one by adding a drop of glue.
 we start to weave around the circle
 increasing tubes

we start braiding in a circle
 use a bowl bowl
 bottom of the cap
8. The bottom of the cap is ready. All the ends are fixed. 9. Apply a bowl. Now you need to fasten the ends of clothespins to the edge of the bowl. 10. We twist the bowl.
bottom is ready
11. After going the right distance, remove the bowl. The ends are fastened again to a circle made of cardboard.
 We continue to weave in a circle
12. We continue to weave around the field of a hat to the desired size. 13. Remove the product from the cardboard.
 Remove the product from the cardboard
14. We fix the end of the tube on the wrong side.
 We fix from the seamy side
15. Circular ends are slightly trimmed.
 newspaper head
16. At will, the hat can be painted and varnished.
 newspaper head
17. We decorate the product. We used chiffon scarf. The hat is ready.