Dollhouse chair needle bed

The height of the needle bed in the finished form is about 15 cm. In order to make a needle bed in the form of a miniature doll stool, you need to prepare the following materials and tools: - curtain fabric of 2 types, - sintepon, - dense glue pad (shabrak), - cardboard cylinder, 6 cm in diameter, 8 cm high, - a small piece of any cardboard of average density, - "Moment transparent gel" glue, - oblique inlay white, about 40 cm long, - dark brown beads of various sizes, - transparent rhinestones (which need to be glued), - white transparent organza ribbon, 1 cm wide, about 30 cm long, - scissors, - sewing needle for handicrafts, - tweezers with sharp ends, - threads in fabric color, - a small piece of dark brown soutache tape.
 cut the detail of the backrest highchair
From the dense adhesive strip cut the detail of the backrest highchair. It should be 7.5 cm in height, 7 cm wide at its widest point.From a curtain fabric of one kind, cut out two details of the back of the chair with allowances for seams. Glue the gasket onto one of the backrest parts from the curtains.
 Fold the details of the back of the chair
Fold the details of the back of the high chair from the drapes facing each other, from the side of the non-glued part, pin all the layers together with English pins.
 Lay on the sewing machine
Lay on the seam Noah machine line on the backrest of the chair at a distance of 2 mm from the adhesive gasket (this distance is provided for a thick glue gasket, after turning the part).
Remove pins
Remove pins, cut out the allowances of the sintepon (this will make it easier to turn the part on the front side), cut the seam allowances to 1 cm.  Turn out the detail
yvernite piece chair back. Press from the side of the glued part.  quilting with stitchesback Stitching back chair in 4 places with stitches to hide stitches, paste strasses on top of stitches.
 paste the bottom

From cardboard paste the bottom onto one of the end sides of the cardboard cylinder.
 a few words in the shape of the bottom
Cut from synthetic winterizer several layers in shape Place it on the cylinder, cover it with the same type of curtain fabric on top, fix it properly with safety pins, and also wrap the fabric around the cylinder.
trim fabric allowances

Gently trim the fabric allowances, atop the filament winding with a good layer of glue so that it soaks through the fabric and glues it to the cylinder. Let it dry.
Glue the back
Glue the back to the seat of the chair.
cut a rectangle
From drape fabric another kind cut a rectangle.Its height is the height of the cylinder, and its width is two cylinder circumferences plus 2 cm at the seams. Lower edge of the fabric with white oblique piping.
 tie a white ribbon
Collect the top cut of the strip with small folds. Secure them with hidden stitches. Sew the stocked high chair skirt into a ring. Glue, putting on the chair.
 doll chair
Tie a white ribbon around the top of the" skirt ".