Natural skin moisturizers

There are many ways to moisturize the skin. Some prefer folk, while others use modern cosmetics. Visiting beauty salons is ideal for dealing with lack of moisture. In the home application, the development of TETe Cosmeceutical for moisturizing is suitable if the woman does not have time to go to the salons. And what else can make the skin ideal?

Mask of courgettes. Especially useful for dry skin. Zucchini need to grind, put mashed potatoes in cheesecloth and apply on face like a compress. Estimated time is 20 minutes. With this mask, the moisture reserve in the skin is restored, metabolic processes are improved, and it also has the effect of exfoliation.

Sea-buckthorn juice. The juice is used to restore the water balance in the structure of the cells. It is necessary to moisten in a fresh juice of seabuckthorn cotton wool or gauze and apply to the face for 20 minutes.

Carrot juice. To moisturize tired mature skin you will need a mask with carrot juice.To do this, mix a portion of the fatty cream with the egg yolk and add a teaspoon of carrot juice, just squeezed through gauze (or in another way). The mask lasts 20 minutes.

Viburnum leaves. Another remedy for moisturizing and toning the skin. The leaves should be well washed, finely chopped and applied to the face, pre-lubricated with a light cream. The mask lasts for half an hour.

All procedures for moisturizing the skin are carried out only after a qualitative cleaning of the skin of the face, otherwise moisturizing masks will not bring the expected effect. You can clean it with a special lotion or other cosmetic that goes with your skin type. You can apply deep cleaning of the skin - scrub. Just do not forget that the scrub is not recommended if the skin surface is damaged or there is inflammation (acne, pimples).

We should not forget that the skin is not a separate organ, it is connected with the whole organism and fulfills its purpose of protection and removal of waste products. If the body is not healthy in general or there is an untreated disease, then there is no question of beauty and health of the skin! It is necessary first to cure this or that organ, and then to carry out procedures for correcting the skin of the face.We should also mention a balanced diet, without which not only the face, but the entire body, suffers. Switching to proper nutrition is a necessary measure to restore and promote health. A dosed exercise and walking in the fresh air will only give the skin a pleasant look and attractiveness.