NASA - where is

NASA is the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration, which is responsible for the country's space program. This organization was created in 1958, when the United States and the USSR began to compete for leadership in space exploration. It is subordinate to the US government, and its main office is located in the capital of the United States - Washington.


NASA integrates 10 research centers that are scattered throughout the country. In California, the US Air Force Base operates a Flight Research Center for them. X. Dryden, where flights in air and airless spaces are studied. In addition, the center is responsible for the program of flights of reusable manned spacecraft "Space Shuttle" - the so-called space shuttles. There, in California, in the city of Pasadena is the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which is engaged in research of the planets.


In this laboratory, automatic unmanned space probes are designed that are intended for the study of outer space and celestial bodies.So, the Galileo spacecraft was created here, in 1995 it flew to the planet Jupiter. The global radio communication network with space objects belongs to the same laboratory: powerful radio telescopes (large parabolic antennas receiving radio signals from stars), scattered all over the world, combine into a single system that monitors both spacecraft flights and radio emission from celestial bodies. In order for the survey area to cover the whole space, the radio telescopes of the network are located in three scientific centers - three points of the triangle on the surface of the Earth: in the Mojave desert in California, in Spain near Madrid and in the vicinity of Canberra, in Australia.


Spaceship launches Space Center. J. Kennedy, in Florida. If the ship is manned, then the organization of the flight is also monitored by the Space Center. L. Johnson, located in Houston, Texas. Other important research centers of NASA are located in the states of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Mississippi, New Mexico, Alabama, Louisiana, Ohio, New York. In 1961, NASA adopted the Apollo manned space flight program, the purpose of which was to land a man on the moon. It was carried out in 1969.American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, who was taken to the moon by the Apollo 11 spacecraft. Then Neil Armstrong,kthe first step on the lunar surface, said: "This is a small step for man, but huge for humanity."


Interesting fact

Since the Space Center. Lyndon Johnson is located next to Houston (above), astronauts call it just Houston, especially during space communications sessions, which always begin with this word. At one time, the center heard the famous phrase: “Houston, we have a problem” - when during the Apollo 13 flight the accident did not simply threaten with failure — the ship could not return to Earth. Fortunately, everything ended well, and the astronauts returned home alive and unharmed, and the misadventures of the Apollo 13 team made a film, loved by the audience.