Today, I will show you how easy and simple it is to make a napkin holder from materials that will most certainly be found in every home. To make you do not need any additional skills, so if you want you can use the child. What we need in work? - 2 pcs disks - scissors - rulers pencil- marker - colored paper - thick cardboard - glue PVA - glue Moment Crystal - glossy varnish - decor (I have ribbons and butterflies)
 we need it in the work
If any materials are not enough, then I think, having shown ingenuity, they can be replaced and something else. start. The first thing we need to do is trim the disks. Fortunately, we use disks less and less, so I think that in every house there will be a couple of old unwanted disks. As you may have guessed, the disks will serve as the basis of our napkin holder, so measure the height carefully according to your desire. Mark the marker, preferably permane, draw under the ruler.
 we draw under a ruler
We take scissors more strong and more. I took the scissors from the kitchen set.Carefully cut.
 cut off
We prepare small scraps of newspapers.
 scraps of newspapers
With the help of PVA glue we seal holes in disks from two parties. Apply several layers of newspaper, glue each layer of glue. Leave to dry completely. Tip: in the process of drying the newspaper on the surface of the disk can go in waves. If this happens, straighten the newspaper with your fingers while it is wet.
 as long as it is wet
While the discs are dry, let's take the bottom of the napkin holder. To do this, we take cardboard, preferably thick, it will give our napkin holder stability. Unfortunately, I didn’t have thick cardboard. Therefore, I cut three strips from the cardboard that I managed to find in the bins, dimensions 10x2 cm.
 we take this cardboard
I glue them together with PVA glue.
 I glue them together with glue
Because my cardboard with an air layer inside, it will be both unstable and soft.I decided to glue the bottom of the napkin holder with scraps of newspapers and white glue. After drying, the bottom will become as hard as plastic. Leave until completely dry.
 We leave to dry completely
In the meantime, we will deal with decorating napkin holders. I chose for this color paper for packing gifts. We cut out 2 parts of exactly the same size as the walls of the napkin holder, and 2 parts are 5 mm larger from all sides, leaving them to bend.
leaving for bending
Using PVA glue, we glue the sides of the napkin holder.
 paste the sides of the napkin holder
 paste over the sides of the napkin holder
Decorate. At this stage, let your imagination wander. Here you can use everything that is on hand: beads, beads, ribbons, lace, bows, in general, everything your heart desires. I found the remnants of napkins for decoupage and cut out 4 butterflies, which with the help of PVA glue took their place ondaisies. glue the side of the napkin
When the bottom of the napkin completely dries and becomes firm, pasted it with colored paper.
 Gather all the details
The moment of truth has arrived. We collect all the details in a heap. For this you can use a silicone gun. But I somehow didn’t work with him, so my choice fell on the time-tested Crystal Moment.
 Gather all the details
Cover our napkin with 2 coats of lacquer . I have acrylic gloss varnish. In principle, if desired, this stage can be missed. Important: when applied, the varnish may slightly strip. Do not worry, after drying the stripes will disappear and you will have a smooth glossy surface.  Decorating We continue to decorate. I pasted the bottom of the napkin around the perimeter with a large tape.