My friend didn�t have a car

Here is an adventure I had today. A friend calls me and asks me to drive up to him, as he cannot start his car. All would be nothing, but it was, at half past seven in the morning, I was going to work, but I could not leave my friend in trouble. Now I thought, hardly anyone will come to me like that, even call the floor of Yekaterinburg.
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In vain you are so, in our world of fully responsive people, you just need to be able to ask. Yes, you can even brake any car in the yard and ask for a light, for example, I would not refuse.
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In such a situation could be every driver, agree. Well done, you took the time and came to the rescue. So I once, could not find anyone and went to work by public transport. Since then, I have found contacts with a company that provides any assistance on the road, including it can light a car. Now all of a sudden, I know who to turn to.
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Yes, the situation is familiar.It is necessary to keep track of the car and pass the maintenance check in time to minimize all breakdowns. The engine could not start for several reasons, even if the master looks at it just in case.