Mother of many children Oksana Samoilova complained of thinness

The wife of rapper Djigana admitted that she passionately dreams of getting better.

After childbirth, usually one problem (besides messing with a newborn) is to get back in shape. Oksana Samoilova after the birth of her third daughter told in detail how she was losing weight, driving too much on the sides and abdomen. She did it very well: literally a few weeks later, the mummy of many children looked like this. And now Oksana and at all risked incurring the wrath of network trolls: complained of thinness.

“Over the past two weeks I have lost three kilograms,” she writes under a short roller, where she demonstrates a sharp figure.

According to the girl, all because of the work - after all, she not only manages to take care of three little babies, but also conduct her own business: Oksana is engaged in fashion design.

“I hate losing weight. Now I’m up to the weight of my dream + 5 kg, and for my metabolism it’s like the moon and back, ”Oksana laments.It turns out that with a height of 177 centimeters it weighs only 53 kilos. And he considers the ideal weight for 58 kg.

“I eat a lot and move a lot as well. Therefore, it is capable of dialing exclusively in the gym, ”says the girl. And she shared her motivation, which forces her to go to the gym: “My favorite motivation is to compare myself with the 20-year-olds who never gave birth. I do not want to look as if I have a sticker on my forehead: “mother of three children”.

Fans immediately assured that Oksana looks great and she does not necessarily have to chase these 5 kg. “I’d like that”, - those who are recovering from one glance at a meal sighed in unison.

By the way, Oksana is not the only mother with many children who can boast of a perfect body. Who else? Scroll the gallery on the right arrow.