Monaco is a small state of luxury

Want to enjoy real luxury? Then you should definitely go on a trip to Monaco. This little state will definitely surprise you!

What country is it?

Monaco - a dwarfish state, which can be called unique. The fact is that the prince rules this state. Monaco is located in southern Europe and occupies the coast of the Ligurian Sea. Monaco on land borders only with France. The capital of Monaco is Monte Carlo, and the official language of the state is French.


Surprisingly, the area of ​​the principality is only slightly more than 2 square kilometers (it is much smaller than the territories of some cities, districts and even parks of other countries).

The population of Monaco is also small and is about 30 thousand people. At the same time, the density due to such a small area is very high (more than 15 thousand people per 1 km2). A little more than 20% of the population are indigenous Monegasques, 16% are Italians, and almost 50% of the French are here.


Unique Monaco can also be called because it has been attracting tourists from all over the world for many years already;

Climate and nature

The climate is dominated by subtropical Mediterranean. Summer is hot and dry, the temperature at this time rises to 30-35 degrees. But winter is mild, but rainy. The temperature can vary from 7 to 10 degrees Celsius.

The greatest amount of precipitation falls here in winter and autumn, at the same time winds can also blow. But still sunny days prevail, there are about 300 of them in a year.

Many expensive cars

The nature of Monaco fascinates with its beauty. In such a small area fit and mountains, and plains, and rocky capes, and bays. The plant world is quite rich and is represented by various trees and shrubs. But the fauna is not so diverse. There are very few large animals here, but there are rodents, insects, reptiles and small mammals.

How to get there?

You can get to Monaco by plane, after reaching Nice (about 4-5 hours on the way), and then transfer to a bus or train (the train will last no more than 40 minutes). You can also fly to Paris in 3-4 hours, and from there you can get to Monaco by train within a few hours.

Inside the principality, you can move on buses, taxis, as well as a small steam train, which regularly runs through the territory of the state. And another local type of transport is escalators, which will be delivered free of charge from one street to another, located above.

Where to stay?


Monaco hotels are considered to be practically the most expensive not only on the Cote d'Azur, but throughout the world. There are about 15-20 of them here, but they all provide a full range of services and luxurious comfortable living conditions. If you want to save, it is better to choose a hotel or hotel outside the principality, it will be much cheaper.

Things to do?

Luxurious view

Monaco is a state of chic and fun, so when you arrive here, you definitely will not be bored. Here are a few activities for every taste:

  • It is in Monaco that the world-famous Formula 1 races are held annually. So if you like speed and spectacles, then by all means visit this large-scale event.
  • Do you like gambling? Then visit the Monte Carlo casino. There are only two large casinos here, and in each of them you can try your luck. But the entrance to some premises may be paid, and the dress code is valid here, so no one will be allowed in shorts and in a t-shirt.The minimum rates depend on the selected room and the specific table, but they will definitely not allow you to bet less than 5 euros. By the way, do not take with you all the money, the game delays and increases the risk of being left with nothing.
  • Stroll through Monaco. Just imagine: the whole principality can be bypassed on foot. This will not take much time, but you will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of a chic, rich and measured life.
  • There are constantly held a variety of exhibitions and festivals. These can be festivals of colors, fireworks, television, circus, arts, theater, jazz and more.
  • In the summer, concerts are held here all the time, where the most famous pop stars perform.
  • Go to the beach and enjoy the gentle sun, warm sand and clear waters of the sea.
  • Be sure to go on a boat trip. By the way, if you wish, and if you have a certain amount of money, you can rent the whole yacht.
  • Monaco is also a sporting state, because they organize tennis tournaments, horse races and much more. Anyone can also go in for sports. For example, you can play golf.

What's so interesting?

Administrative building

Rest in Monaco is not only chic and expensive, but also interesting. And what to see the tourist? There are many noteworthy places here:

  • The Oceanographic Museum, which unites the museum opened in 1889 and began to work in 1906. Institute. Here you can see a lot of interesting exhibits related to the sea: skeletons and stuffed animals, tools, models of ships. And on the territory there is a huge underground aquarium.
  • The exotic garden stretches on a mountain slope. It gives an opportunity to see many kinds of diverse tropical plants.
  • Another beautiful place is the Japanese Garden, located on the seafront. Here, water, stone and all living things merge into one. This place is planned in the best traditions of the land of the rising sun, so it will certainly amaze everyone.
  • Listing the sights of the principality, it is impossible not to mention Monaco-Ville (Old Town), hovering over the sea and being the ancient capital of Monaco. This is where you can plunge into the culture of this state.
  • The princely palace of the genus Grimaldi has existed for about 9 centuries and more than seven of them are used as princely residences.But initially this building was a fortress.
  • Monte Carlo is a real center of night fun and excitement, this is where the most interesting things begin at night.
  • The Palace Square is beautiful, where you can watch a fascinating spectacle every day - the changing of the guard. By the way, the courtyard of the square is paved with multicolored pebbles, folded into geometric shapes.
  • Fort Antoine is a fortress built by Prince Antoine on the Monaco Mountains. But today in the fortress there is an open theater, designed for 350 seats.
  • Recently in the principality the Museum of coins and postage stamps was opened. By the way, the principality is also famous for its marks, so that you can see the most outlandish specimens.
  • The Chapel of God's Mercy is one of the oldest and most beautiful buildings of the principality.
  • There is also a wax museum dedicated to the history of the reign of the Grimaldi dynasty.
  • La Condamine is a commercial and business center of the state, as well as a large port. Here you can find numerous restaurants, cafes, shops and much more.
  • The big market is a paradise for shoppers. But shopping in Monaco can hit hard on your budget.


National cuisine in this dwarf state is not, it is a mixture of French and Italian culinary traditions. Locals prefer healthy food, so they love fish and seafood, as well as fruits and vegetables. The fish here is eaten in all forms, adding to soups, salads, sandwiches. All dishes are generously flavored with olive oil and herbs.

The kitchen is very tasty

No meal is complete without a variety of breads from wheat and beans with the addition of olives, cheese, tomatoes, ham and other ingredients.