Mobile application "Katyusha": your guide in the world of large stores

You are familiar with the situation when you are tired of going home and suddenly remember that you need to stop by the store ... And the list - sour cream, cheese, kefir, etc. - unfortunately, stayed at home. And you start to frantically run in the hypermarket, picking up what, as it turns out at home, it was not even necessary. And, of course, forget to buy what is necessary. It’s good that mega-useful mobile applications are emerging that make our life easier and more convenient. One of these wasapplication "Katyusha".

The applications in which you can make a list of products and come with him to the store are already a sea, but the main tasks of Katyusha are to save your time and money! And she's doing great.

To get started, select the store you want to go shopping for. By the way, the list of products can be made absolutely in any hypermarket from the program list (the store can also be selected from the application map, where shopping centers are marked with recognizable colors).Today, there are 55 hypermarkets of Moscow in the annex (these are Auchan, Metro, Karusel, Nash, Lenta and others).

Mobile application "Katyusha": your guide in the world of large stores

Next, make a list of products. In the arsenal of "Katyusha" there is a catalog of goods, it is divided into convenient sections. And if you are too lazy to drive goods in manually or busy hands, you can use the voice input function. Very convenient, and again saves time! If you are making a list at home, specify the approximate prices to control the costs and do not go beyond the planned budget. Or use the option to track the price difference on the shelf and cash register, driving the prices directly into the hypermarket (it's very convenient, considering how big stores like to sin with such a difference).

You can assign a name to the list so that you can easily find it and find out (“Husband”, “Birthday”, etc.). You can also send it to anyone. Well, editing inside the list is a matter of course: deleting positions, adding new ones, changing prices, quantities, etc.

And then the most interesting!

Click on the navigation arrow: the program has already made the best route for you, having sorted the goods in such a waythat all departments go one by one along the way from non-food items to fresh products (so that they stay as long as possible in the cold zone)

It only remains to follow the recommendations!

Mobile application "Katyusha": your guide in the world of large stores

One more pleasant moment. If you have any wishes / complaints about the store or the application, it is not necessary to look for the corresponding book in the store itself. You can draw this action directly through "Katyusha"! Spend your free time not on running around from corner to corner, but on relatives, friends and relatives, or dedicate it to yourself for your beloved!Katyushayou will help in this!