Mesotherapy for hair: working or not?

In order to achieve density and shine of hair, we are ready to use not only the entire arsenal of beauty products, but also to apply the most strange products on the scalp - from bird droppings to brewer's yeast. Sometimes this is enough to make the hair thicker, but more serious problems will have to be solved locally, using the current mesotherapy procedure.

What it is?

Mesotherapy for hair according to the method of execution is no different from the procedure for the face - it is performed using thin needles, through which medications or vitamin cocktails are injected into the scalp. The depth of drug administration is from 1.5 to 4 mm with an interval of 1-1.5 cm. The task of cocktails is to enrich hair follicles with necessary substances that stimulate growth, nourish the roots, regulate the sebaceous glands, stimulate cell metabolism, eliminate toxins, activate blood flow, saturate the scalp with oxygen. It is better if there are several substances in the preparation: various vitamins (B, E, P, C), minerals (sulfur, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, calcium, etc.).e.) plant extracts and acids. The procedure must be performed by a qualified medical cosmetologist, it is better not to trust such a simple aesthetist to avoid the wrong technique and possible complications. The substance administered depends on the problem the patient has addressed.

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The procedure is practically painless (there is a slight discomfort, burning, some feel minor pain), despite the fact that it is performed by injection, due to the preliminary treatment of the scalp with alcohol-based solution. Mesotherapy lasts about 40–60 minutes. It is recommended to perform it in a course of 10–15 procedures with an interval of once a week. The most favorable time cosmetologists consider spring and autumn.

After mesotherapy, in no case can you sunbathe in the solarium or in the sun for the next 48 hours, wash your hair for 1-2 days, use styling products, do scalp massage and undergo other hair treatments.

Who is the mesotherapy for hair?

Mesotherapy is used in cases where hair falls out, they are not enough living, dense, elastic, shiny, torments dandruff, seborrhea, and itching of the scalp.Even after one course of mesotherapy, it seems that the hair has become much more beautiful, restored its former health, as if there were not all kinds of stains, build-ups, styling products and chemical effects. After the course of the procedures, the hair will become noticeably heavier, denser, will not get tangled, will easily succumb to styling and combing.

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The advantage of mesotherapy is that its effectiveness is proved by numerous confirmations, it has no age restrictions, can be used as prevention and treatment, used for both men and women. It is ideally combined with cosmetic procedures and has almost no contraindications, but in some cases it is done with caution and immediately warned of possible side effects, among which there are sometimes bruising and redness that go to nothing in 2-3 days.