Medieval brain explosion: a mystery about three knights and one boat

In the Middle Ages, the mores of people, especially knights, differed from those we were used to. We suggest you solve a riddle that will fully demonstrate what tricks you had to go in order to comply with the norms of medieval society.


Three knights with their squires met on the banks of the river, wanting to move to the other side. However, it was difficult to do this, because the capacity is only 2 people. Moreover, all the squires flatly refused to remain with other knights without their master. Nothing could influence their decision. Nevertheless, all six of them successfully moved to the other side. Question: how did they manage it? Check yourself and find the right answer in the photo below.


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The correct answer is difficult to fit into one sentence. Let us write in detail how this grand crossing took place. First two squires came to the other side.One of them returned and moved the third. Then he came back and stayed with his knight. So, two other knights went to the other side to their squires. And everything seems to be fine, but there is still a knight with a squire on the shore. One of the knights had to return with his squire, whom he had left and then took the knight with him. All the knights are transported, and one of the squires is sent back and takes with them the last squire.