Make-up for Halloween at home for girls, boys and children - How to make a terrible make-up with your own hands with the help of easy workshops

1ГНХ-023The Good Fairy or the Insidious Witch, the terrible Jason or the rascal Jack Sparrow, the vampire Count Dracula, or the walking dead Zombie? Whatever costume you choose for All Saints Day, you will definitely need a suitable makeup for Halloween. Of course, you can ask for help from a makeup artist, and he quickly and professionally creates a real picture on the face of a boy, girl, boyfriend, girlfriend or man. But it is much more interesting and exciting to take a risk, and try to draw a spectacular makeup for the holiday at home with your own hands.And this will help you with our simple detailed instructions with a photo of the final result and valuable video tips. Study them carefully and realize your most vivid fantasies. After all, Halloween is just perfect for creative experiments and madness.

Light Halloween Makeup at Home for Girls - How to Make an Image of Harley Quinn

Appearing at a party on the occasion of All Saints Day in the role of a bright beauty and supervillain Harley Quinn from the film “The Suicide Squad” is not only a successful, but also an original idea. This image has not yet had time to turn into a banality and makes it possible to effectively stand out from the crowd of witches, vampires, zombies and deadly nurses. Creating a costume does not require much effort, and making homemade Harley Quinn for Halloween at home will help the girls in the following master class.