Make a pretty makeup case: 3 light designs for beginners

Even someone who is not at all familiar with sewing and is “not friendly” with a sewing machine can make a cosmetics bag with his own hands. Two ways out of three are done without it! You can choose any fabric and any pattern that you like. The resulting handbag can serve as a cosmetic bag, a case for storing stationery, jewelry and other small items. In addition, such an original cosmetic bag, made by yourself, will be a wonderful gift!

First design

Prepare a cloth, scissors and glue for the fabric. You will also need a 20 cm zipper. Measure out a piece of cloth 40 cm in length and 25 cm in width. For beauticians well suited upholstery fabric, because it is thin enough, but sturdy.

After that, tuck the edges of the fabric on both sides in width by 1.5 centimeters and smooth them with an iron. Next, place the zipper up the center of the wrong side of the fabric and apply glue to the fabric along the edges of the zipper.

Carefully attach the folded edge to the glue, smooth with your hands. Do the same with the second side.

Let it dry. Then undo the zipper and turn the fabric inside out. Fold in half and start to glue the remaining edges - just add a strip of glue to the outer edges of the fabric and join them. Let the cosmetic bag dry and then simply twist it through the hole with the zipper.

Second design

Prepare a piece of cloth 40 cm in length and 25 in width. Fold, as in the previous version, the edges across the width of 1.5 cm and also glue (or sew) them to the zipper.

After that, turn the blank inside out, as before, and begin to turn the non-glued edges, as shown in the photo below. Do not forget to open the zipper.

Then sew or glue the bent inward edges. After that, turn out the resulting cosmetic bag through the zipper, straightening the folds.

Third design

Re-prepare a similar piece of fabric, fold and smooth the edges to 1.5 cm. Sew or glue the zipper, as in the previous two versions.

After that, turn the workpiece inside out, leaving the zipper on one side. Pinch the bottom corners of the future cosmetic bag inside, as shown in the photo, make a mark for your convenience, where you will sew or glue.

The easiest way to sew the edges, but you can do otherwise - stick them.