Love Story: Lyubov Orlova and Grigory Alexandrov

She is:actress of soviet cinema and theater

Is he:screenwriter, actor, director of Soviet cinema 

Happy hours are not being watched ...

Lyubov Orlova and Grigory Alexandrov met in the spring of 1933 on the eve of the filming of the musical comedy “Jolly Fellows”. He was 30, she was 31, - the same age. The director with a loud name and only theatrical actress beginning to fame were necessary for each other both on the set and in life. Alexandrov has long been looking for the leading lady, the singing housekeeper Anyuta, in his new film, and Orlova dreamed of playing not in the theater, but in the cinema. Later, both did not deny that they were overtaken by love at first sight, because of which Lyubov Petrovna forgot about her Austrian civilian husband, and Alexandrov divorced the stage singer Olga Ivanova, from whom she had a son. Immediately after the end of the filming of “Merry Guys” in January 1934, they got married, and their union was destined to exist for 42 years until Lyubov Orlova left the life on January 26, 1975.

Love Story: Lyubov Orlova and Grigory Alexandrov

Alexandrov fashioned a Hollywood star of the Soviet screen from his wife, wanting to give the viewer “our” Marlene Dietrich - a fatal beauty-blonde, intelligent, passionate, perfect and out of reach, like a goddess. The most famous films with the participation of Orlova: “Jolly Fellows” (1934), “Circus” (1936), “Volga-Volga” (1938), “Spring” (1947), were shot by Grigory Alexandrov. He defended her on trial, protected her from envious people and the intrusive attention of strangers; Lyubov Petrovna defended her husband during artistic councils, when officials were ready to ban another director’s film project for ideological inconsistency. When she was diagnosed with cancer, Alexandrov was close to his beloved until the very end ...

Love Formula

Pygmalion and Galatea, artist and muse - this is how you can describe the relationship between Orlova and Aleksandrov, reverent, respectful, romantic, aristocratic ... The couple never entered the room of the second half without knocking, called each other for you and loved to communicate using touching notes. The actress and director had no children. As Alexandrov once said: “At first, Lyuba did not want to, and then it did not work.”The most famous couple of Soviet cinema did not advertise their personal lives, but people who really knew Lyubov Petrovna and Grigory Vasilyevich intimately asked not to believe the rumors and gossip: it was an unusually harmonious family and creative union.