Love horoscope for January 2018

In January, we will look for someone with whom we can create a strong union, and we will be attracted to already accomplished and successful, wise and serious, reliable and non-frivolous. All the details in our love horoscope, which never deceives.


(March 21 - April 20)

Aries (March 21 - April 20)

Free and Seeking

Aries, in January you can understand that the classic ideas about happiness are not always what you need. Most likely, you will deliberately choose someone who is already morally ready to create a family and is a canonical example of the ideal second half, let him into your heart, win reciprocity, start a novel, but quickly get disappointed, as you and this person will be unbearably boring. His predictability and psychological pressure completely kill and falling in love, and plans for a joint future.

Found and ringed

If you already have a partner, in the period from January 1 to January 17, try to sort things out without beating the dishes and do not forget about rapid reconciliation. But then you will calmly treat the small shortcomings of your loved one,find a unifying factor and turn the relationship into something that suits both of you.


(April 21 - May 20)

Taurus (April 21 - May 20)

Free and Seeking

Taurus, in January you can find someone who is your double in outlook and in relation to basic values ​​in life. There is a high probability that this will be your (your) colleague, rapprochement will begin at work, and after some very short time you will be shouted loudly with this person "Bitter!".

Found and ringed

If you already have a partner, in the period from January 1 to 17 you will be puzzled by his well-being, somehow you will help him in his career, try to arrange his way of life so that he was comfortable and clear that without you he will simply disappear. But then you, most likely, will demand a huge return for all that you have done, will often remind you of your deeds and wait for obedience. But alas! Instead, get the alienation and the rare joint pastime.


(May 21 - June 21)

Gemini (May 21 - June 21)

Free and Seeking

Gemini, next to you in January may appear someone who himself lives by some of his special principles and you try to fit into his usual framework, reshape in his image and likeness.Yeah, well! This person will not take into account that you are able to turn everything into easy chaos up to, so that he is most likely to begin to break his stereotypes for the sake of being with you.

Found and ringed

If you already have a partner, in the period from January 1 to January 17 you will actively “wag your tail” and show your white-fleedness to make him forget about some of your “jambs”. But you won't be long enough, and already after the 17th, you will again remind this person of your unpredictability and disregard for conventions and those rules of behavior that other people consider to be the code of love relationships.


(June 22 - July 22)

Cancer (June 22 - July 22)

Free and Seeking

Cancers, in January you are strongly recommended to close your heart to a granary lock and not let anyone in. There is a possibility of falling in love with someone who is so much taller than you in position that it is completely unrealistic even to simply approach him at arm’s length. If you do not want to suffer, then turn on the mode of "freezing" feelings and do not expect that fate somewhere accidentally will drive you with this person and he will lose his head from you.

Found and ringed

If you have already found a soul mate, then from January 1 to January 17 you can understand that next to you is not a magically beautiful creature that is worth only love, but a person with very large flaws, who for some reason do not want you to put up with I want to. And if you don’t cope with disappointment and don’t look for new advantages in your partner, then after the 17th, a break in relations is not excluded.

a lion

(July 23 - August 22)

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Free and Seeking

Lions, in January you are strongly advised not to waste time and mental strength on trying to enter the same river a second time. Chances are good that you decide to renew your relationship with someone you once parted with, and even try to change for him, but quickly realize that illusive "non-singularity" is not worth such sacrifices and that this individual is not at all what you need for happiness. .

Found and ringed

If you already have a partner, some joint business with him, his claims and the desire to make you a boring man in the street quickly tire you, and after January 17, this will result in a prolonged act of disobedience, and perhaps in parting. And only if you yourself want to settle down for a long time, will you take "domestication" for granted and even,perhaps with joy, pleasure and relief.


(August 23 - September 22)

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Free and Seeking

Virgo, to you in January, the stars promise the beginning of a relationship that will completely satisfy you and your ambitions. Chances are that a person who will give you a lot of what you aspire to, will assist in your career affairs, provide you with a comfortable life, protect you from any troubles and relieve you of old problems, for example, related to housing issue. .

Found and ringed

If you already have a partner, in the period from January 1 to January 17 joint exploits with him for the benefit of your common future, some momentous decisions, material and spiritual acquisitions are expected. After the 17th, you will do everything in your power to ensure that those factors that enrage you and lead to quarrels with this person are gone into oblivion; however, will have to re-educate not only him, but himself.


(September 23 - October 22)

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Free and Seeking

Libra, in January you can meet someone with whom you will later be tied up, if not by marriage, then by long love relationships. However, before this stellar hour, you, together with him, will have to go through the problems that, due to your fault, will arise for this person,deal with some of your fears and troubles, test each other for psychological compatibility, learn to always and in all act together.

Found and ringed

If you have already found a soul mate, in the period from January 1 to 17 you will have to live her (his) mind, obediently follow all the recommendations and requirements of this person, give up some of your hopes, so as not to disappoint him. The award will be a lot of exciting events, expected after the 17th and initiated by your partner in order to please you.


(October 23 - November 21)

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Free and Seeking

Scorpios, in January you can become the object of love of one who is significantly higher than you in position. It is possible that someone from the management team will want to take you to yourselves, and you, most likely, will cynically agree, even if you do not feel fervent reciprocal feelings. The possibility of using this relationship to make a career or improve financial affairs will be an excellent aphrodisiac.

Found and ringed

If you already have a partner, in the period from January 1 to 17 you will surpass yourself in the art of tyranny and impose on him those actions that you, and only you, think are right.So do not be surprised if, after the 17th, this person will rush to freedom and communicate with those who are not so authoritarian by hook or by crook. And all you have to do is grit your teeth and be madly jealous.


(November 22 - December 21)

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Free and Seeking

Sagittarius, someone who is not quite adequate can inflame you in January. Chances are high that you will literally become obsessed with worship, will pursue and sing the praises, interfere in your affairs, in order to "help, support, protect, shelter from the whole world." It will be pleasant that they rush with you as with a written bag and enthusiastically breathe in your ear, - you will agree to a novel, no - you will send a curious question.

Found and ringed

If you already have a partner, you will be kicked out in every possible way from his total care and intrusive control, you will be extremely annoyed by his attempts to “lock and not let go”, especially if you get an idea to once again go to hell for kulichiki or crank something risky . Your right! Just try to rebel more delicately, so you do not regret that you hurt the one who is genuinely worried about you.


(December 22 - January 19)

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Free and Seeking

Capricorns, in January you can find one with whom “long, happy, interesting and mutually beneficial”. Chances are good that fate will drive you to a person who is enthusiastically committed to being your life’s work; with joint efforts you will achieve tremendous success, and then learn to love each other, realizing that the best of the party you both just can not find.

Found and ringed

If you already have a partner, in the period from January 1 to January 17 you will successfully deal with his affairs, solve his problems, protect him from everything that can shake his mental balance, and enjoy the fact that it is you who make the relationship stable and that this person takes your care with love and gratitude. It's only after the 17th that he needs more freedom from you.


(January 20 - February 18)

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Free and Seeking

Aquarius, it is strongly recommended that you do not get involved in relationships in the first two decades of January just to get rid of loneliness - it will delay, impose obligations, but will not bring happiness. Moreover, after the 19th day, fate can give you a luxurious gift in the form of mutual love, which will give you everything that you only dream about while lying in a cold bed.

Found and ringed

If you have already gained a soul mate, from January 1 to January 17 you will hardly endure her (his) notations, dictatorship and mental pressure, and in especially neglected cases you will throw things and harsh words. All this can result in a reluctance to continue to tolerate the moral discomfort, so that after the 17th you will either break the link, or just try to unnecessarily with a partner not overlap.


(February 19 - March 20)

Fish (February 19 - March 20)

Free and Seeking

Fish, in January you can determine for yourself who deserves to be your second half. Chances are good that you will turn on your charm at full capacity, entice this person into your network and you will not lose: it turns out to be exactly what you saw from afar. In general, the stars promise you a very happy and convenient union for you - first amorous, and then marriage.

Found and ringed

If you already have a partner, in the period from 1 to 17 January, you and he will put in front of each other, new goals and objectives, including the utilitarian nature, will often be a lot to discuss some domestic affairs and serious plans for the future, will come to an understanding in controversial issues.But after the 17th, you will have to accept the fact that the second half has some other interests that, by and large, do not concern you.