Los Angeles - an amazing city of angels

If your soul yearns for adventure and travel, then surely go to the city of angels. Plan your trip to Los Angeles and enjoy it to the fullest!

What is this city?

Los Angeles is a city located in southern California (USA). It is considered the largest in the state and the second largest in the whole of America. It is located on the shore of the Pacific Ocean, and it is this location that attracts the majority of tourists.

Large city

This is a world trade, economic, cultural, educational, scientific and tourist center. The city is the administrative center of Los Angeles County, as well as the center of Greater Los Angeles - a major metropolitan area of ​​the United States. The area of ​​the city is about 1290 square kilometers, and the population is about 3.9 million people. The name, by the way, translates as "city of angels".

In the XVI century, the Indians lived here, and after 200 years a group of Spanish colonists went here.First, Los Angeles was part of Mexico, but then became part of the United States of America.


There is no city center in Los Angeles, so the city can be called a modern metropolis. And yet the main place is downtown - a business district. The territory is divided into two parts by the Santa Monica mountain range.

There are about 80 districts in Los Angeles, some of which were previously independent cities. There are also several enclave cities, surrounded by the city, and satellite cities.

Beverly Hills


Los Angeles is a city in which, despite a comprehensive urbanization, unique nature has been preserved. Of course, you cannot call it primordial, but still many species of plants and animals are quite rare. There are a lot of natural areas.

Original look

These are gardens, parks, squares, marshes, rivers, beaches, dunes, and hills. Los Angeles is surrounded by subtropical light forests dominated by plants with bright colors. And the gardens and even the streets are planted with rare plant species, such as camellias, palm trees and others. There are mountains in the city, and the largest river is Los Angeles.


The city is located in a zone of a tropical climate similar to the amount of precipitation in the Mediterranean. Two seasons prevail. The first is dry and dry with almost no precipitation. The second one is rather cool and humid, that is the so-called rainy season.

Luxury beaches

In summer, the average temperature usually exceeds 25-27 degrees during the day, and at night it ranges from 17-20 degrees. In the winter in the afternoon here about 18-20 degrees, and at night about 7-10. The greatest amount of precipitation falls in winter and spring, and the wettest month can be called February. Snow is only in the mountains.

How to get there?

You can get to Los Angeles by plane, the city has a large international airport of the same name. The flight will last an average of 12-13 hours.

Where to stay?

Los Angeles hotels are numerous and varied. If you choose a hotel in one of the central and large districts, then be prepared to pay at least $ 100-150 per night for a stay. If you want to save, it's better to stop in areas far from the center.


But some of them are considered dangerous, especially for tourists, so be careful. The most dangerous are such as South Central, Downtown (yes, there are a lot of gateways and homeless people), Compton, Carson, Inglewood, Gardin and some others.You can also settle in the town-enclave or satellite. Tourists like it in Long Beach.

How to navigate the city?

The transport network is quite developed. The most convenient option for public transport is buses. They can deliver to any area, plying on a schedule, but night flights are rare.

There is also a metro in Los Angeles, but it's not very convenient to move around, especially if you need to get from one area to another. It is best to rent a car. But be prepared for traffic jams, they are here, as in any major city.

Things to do?


What can I do in Los Angeles? There are lots of entertainment options:

  • If you are interested in a quiet beach holiday, then Los Angeles is a real paradise for you. There are many beaches here, so you can lie on the clean sand and sunbathe, and enjoy a swim in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Water activities are available. Surfing is especially developed. And even if you are a beginner, by all means try to resist on the board or catch a wave, it is difficult, but very interesting. You can also go diving or just enjoy a boat trip.
  • Be sure to go to the local Disneyland.This is a real fairy-tale world with animated characters known to all and stunningly natural scenery. In addition, there is a mass of attractions for every taste.
  • Another entertainment is shopping. On the territory of the city there are many shops for every purse and taste. So take money with you (don’t forget to hide it safely) and go shopping.
  • Be sure to take a walk around Hollywood! This is a starry place in which you can see world celebrities, if you're lucky.
  • Enjoy the nature of the city by visiting one of the parks or gardens.
  • Be sure to check out the local restaurant. It is impossible to call the kitchen unique and amazing, but still some dishes deserve attention.
  • Nightlife is in full swing, so be sure to check out one of the clubs or bars. But remember to be careful!
  • In Los Angeles, many museums, as well as exhibitions are constantly held, so that you can educate yourself culturally and get aesthetic pleasure.

What's so interesting?


What to see in this city? Here are the most popular attractions:

  1. Avenue of Stars in Hollywood. Here you can see celebrities.
  2. If you are planning a vacation in Los Angeles, then by all means go to the Griffith Observatory. There you can see the starry sky and major constellations.
  3. Los Angeles is a world cinema center, so be sure to check out one of the major film studios (Warner Brothers or Universal Studio) to see how movies are shot.
  4. Walt Disney Concert Hall fascinates with its original architecture and resembles something cosmic and futuristic.
  5. The Watts Towers are assembled almost from scrap materials. In total, the group includes 17 towers, the height reaches 30 meters.
  6. Kodak Theater. Every year there are ceremonies for the Oscar.
  7. The Memorial Coliseum Stadium is a large stadium that hosted as many as two Olympiads.
  8. City Hall building - a monumental building that can withstand an earthquake. On the 27th floor there is an observation deck with a stunning view of the city.
  9. Griffith Park is one of the largest and most beautiful parks in Los Angeles.
  10. Walk down Olvera Street if you want to buy souvenirs.
  11. Madame Tussauds is a place where you can see the most popular stars, but not real ones, but wax ones.
  12. The Getty Center is a large museum complex where you can see true masterpieces of art.

What to get?

What to bring to memory of the city of angels?

  • An excellent souvenir will be a miniature statuette "Oscar", which is like two drops of water similar to the real one.
  • Be sure to buy a real cowboy hat.
  • The Indians used to live in the city, so as a souvenir you can get some product of American Indians, for example, an amulet made from a paw of a wolf or a necklace made of teeth.
  • In any souvenir shop you can buy a T-shirt or mug with the image of the flag of America or the president.
  • Clock. In Los Angeles, you can buy a Timex famous watch (one of the most popular) at an affordable price.
  • Be sure to buy as many souvenirs at Disneyland.

Let the trip to the city of angels be remembered for a long time and give the most pleasant impressions.

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