Lopyreva left to experience a divorce to her mother

31-year-old TV presenter heals wounds in the parental home in Rostov.
Fedor Smolov and Victoria Lopyreva, photo
Fedor Smolov and Victoria Lopyreva
Photo: @lopyrevavika

On his parting with her husband famous blonde reported at the weekend. The decision was final and irrevocable, but, apparently, very difficult and painful.

Immediately after the news of the upcoming divorce, it became known that the popular TV presenter was taken to the hospital. Due to severe stress, her heart began to bother her!

“Vika is now at home in Rostov. Will rest here as much as he wants. True, in Moscow, it is waiting for work. So far, she will not meet and give interviews, at first everything should go to bed, calm down, ”Irina Lopyreva, telediva’s mother, shared with Woman’s Day. - Only three days have passed since she decided to part with her husband. So you need to rest, recuperate and nerves. And I, as a mother, are always there. ”

Recall that Miss Russia - 2003 met the future spouse in 2012 at the birthday party of their mutual friend, football player Yuri Zhirkov.Half a year later, Smolov made an offer to the beauty, but the marriage was postponed more than once. In December of 2013, the beloveds held a wedding in the Maldives in a narrow circle of relatives and friends.