Liv Tyler touchingly congratulated his father on his 70th birthday

For a long time for Liv Tyler it remained a secret who her real father was. She considered Tod Rundgren, her mother’s boyfriend Bibi Buell, to be 12 years old, but it soon became clear that Bibi had her own skeletons in the closet: in her youth she was an ardent fan of the group Aerosmith and her frontman Steve Tyler, whose family life, alas, did not work out . But Liv turned out ... And it was enough for the girl to stand next to the real father, and only the blind would not notice their similarity. Despite the fact that all her life Bibi tried to protect her daughter from the evil influence of the reckless rocker, Liv and Steve began to communicate and make friends, and Steve’s attitude to Liv was always an example of touching fatherly love. And the other day, when Tyler turned 70, it was Liv who presented him the sweetest and most sincere congratulations.