Linoleum Mouse Pads

After my son broke the third cortical pad for a computer mouse, I thought about what could be replaced with it. Went through a bunch of options and chose to trim from linoleum. Why not? The material is thick and smooth, easy to cut and not deformed. She found the remnants of the flooring on the balcony and began to create. To work you need a minimum of materials and the same cost. She took a piece of linoleum, scissors and stencils of drawings.  piece of linoleum
At first, the rug was of the usual square shape. Size 26x26 cm.
a piece of linoleum
Then I decorated the edges, cut out four figures in the corners.
 Mouse pads from linoleum
And then I couldn’t stop me ... I made such beauty using stencils! For example, the image of the strawberry transferred to a piece of linoleum and cut it.The result was a mousepad in the form of a large berry.
 Linoleum mouse pads
Mouse pads from linoleum
 cut out
Next, we got the original wheelbarrow. Mouse rugs from linoleum The flower and leaf are used in autumn and spring, that is, according to the season.
Mouse pads from linoleum
 Mouse pads made of linoleum
My baby just squeals with pleasure when he sees a new mat in the morning. This is a fun lesson and unnecessary flooring is not gathering dust on the balcony. Another plus of such rugs. They can serve as stencils for drawing. It is necessary to circle one of them on a sheet of blank paper and paint it with paints or pencils.