Leopard Rita Ora against snake skin Kardashian

Stars continue to choose animal prints in their outfits.

The 27-year-old British singer loves to stand out: she will light her underwear at a concert, then she will post a juicy frame in a bikini with a semi-naked breast on a social network ... By the way, Rita is not shy. She has a great figure. After all, the singer devotes every free minute to the study of the abdominal muscles, like the 22-year-old Dua Lipa. For the last time artists have changed significantly. They were joined by beauty Kim Kardashian, who also works in the hall, not working all parts of the body. Despite the fact that these pop divas are the owners of flat tummies, they don’t get off the covers of glossies, for some reason they sometimes amaze with their ridiculous outfits. Whether so that they were talked about, or because the stylist did not look after them that day ...

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: legion-media.ru

The other day, the quirky paparazzi caught Rita Oru in a neon leopard, in its texture resembling snake skin. The singer was literally covered from head to foot in this vestment: a dress on the figure,tights and even shoes! It seems that Oura has never seen such absurd outfits ... Fans are wondering what the singer wanted to say to the world in this way.

Rita was joined by the aforementioned Kim Kardashian, who is followed by millions of fashion bloggers. As they say: “What Kardashn will wear is today fashionable.” Many compare to it as an icon of style. And photojournalists are not asleep! They can not wait to find out what the star this time left the house. This time, Kardashian had time to flutter as she walked down the street in her snake's dress. It is worth saying that it is more harmonious here than with Rita Ora. Although the color does not catch the eye! Bodie perfectly emphasizes the shape of Kim, and it’s impossible to take your eyes off the pants After all, Kardashian knows how to emphasize his most important part of the body.

“There is nothing prejudicial here, as many might think,” says designer and expert Maria Luzyanina. - The so-called predatory prints are now in trend. Many leading fashion houses dress their models in such a total bow. Moreover, the more distinctive the coloring, the more interesting the image. The fact is that it is unusual for many to see predatory prints in such a color scheme.I would like to say that it is better not to do like Rita Ora, that is, not to beat with such a print that they say, right in the forehead. You need to be able to mix like Kim. In general, do not be afraid of accessories with a snake or leopard.