Lent Calendar for 2016: third week

Make up the diet for the third week of fasting.
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Monday, March 28,- Dry food, allowed fruit, vegetables.

Tuesday, March 29,- hot vegetable food without oil.

Wednesday, March 30,- dry food, in the menu vegetables, fruits, nuts.

Thursday, March 31,- hot vegetable food without oil.

Friday, April 1,- malnutrition. On the table are bread, vegetables, fruits.

Saturday, April 2,- hot food with vegetable oil.

Sunday, April 4th,- hot food with vegetable oil.

Right choice

Lenten menu should not be monotonous. Not worth it and completely abandon the sweet. Allowed honey, jam, marmalade. You can include in the diet of flour products, for example, biscuits and bread, but only those that are prepared without milk and eggs. So, when choosing products in the store, read the labels.

Vitamin bed

Prices for overseas fruits and vegetables increased? Remember the inhabitants of the middle belt beds. Many of them are much more useful than foreign products. For example, in a pumpkin there are vitamins A, E, C, D.It also contains antioxidants that are necessary for cell renewal. Fiber necessary for proper digestion is in radish, turnips contain phosphorus, ascorbic acid and vitamins B and R. Half of the daily requirement of vitamin C is contained in 100 g of potatoes. Apples are rich in trace elements that are necessary for maintaining the immune system. In addition, they help reduce cholesterol levels and normalize digestion.