Layfaki: how to live on 10 000 rubles and not die

Glavnaya-dlya-10-tysyach-v-MFOOf course, we all strive for a decent level of wages, which will allow us to live in comfort, not to count every penny and buy everything we need. But, unfortunately, this is not always possible. Everyone in life has difficult periods, and sometimes circumstances force us to agree even to work with low wages. In other cases, we have to pay debts or repay loans, which also absorb a sizeable part of our income.

Whatever happens, here you are, just in case, useful life hacking, how to live on 10 000 and not die.

No. 1. Dessert can be baked by yourself.

To save is not to refuse in everything. If you want a tasty or sweet - bake treats yourself. For example, cook a charlotte. This dish is almost impossible to spoil, and you will need only a couple of eggs for it, a little flour and sugar and a couple of fruits. You can take two apples, or two bananas, a few plums, an orange.

Buy the cheapest chocolate bar - it will cost about 30 rubles, put it in the freezer for a few hours, then break it into small pieces in a coffee grinder. The resulting chocolate chips can be incredibly beautiful and tasty to decorate any homemade cakes. You also need to store it in the freezer.


No. 2. Healthy breakfast is cheap

Eat breakfast cereal. They are very cheap and easy to prepare. In addition, they are very useful for digestion.


No. 3. Buy in the markets

If you need products, go to the market. There you can find fresh vegetables and fruits at very competitive prices, and, perhaps, bargain.


№ 4. Entertainment is free

In your city, for sure there are free events, where everyone is invited. This and intellectual games like "What? Where? When? ", And just meetings on interests. Look for information about them on the Internet.


No. 5. Walk on foot.

If you are not very far from work - go on foot. This is useful, and will allow you to save a little. However, if the road is far or hard - do not torture yourself, use transport.


# 6. Take care of your health before it bothers you.

Regularly visit the clinic and take tests. Preventing diseases is not only easier, but also cheaper than treating them. Also find out what surveys you have the right to do for free under the MHI policy. In many clinics you can even go for a free comprehensive examination of the body.


№ 7. Save on clothes

Try not to buy new clothes until the old one looks decent enough. Yes, your outfits will not be diverse, but after all, in a saving situation, the main thing is the practical side of the issue. Also, if you want to buy something from things - go to second-hand. There you can find decent and even completely new things, the main thing is to make efforts. A real pearl is sometimes hidden in a pile of junk.


№ 8. Do not make rash purchases

Clearly plan your expenses and leave some money “just in case.” Do not buy anything else - usually these are unnecessary things, acquired under the influence of immediate desires. Check the plan and remind yourself that no matter how necessary this thing may seem to you this moment, in fact it is not necessary, otherwise you would write it on your shopping list.


These were useful life hacking, how to live on 10 000 rubles per month. I hope you don’t need them, and financially you will always be successful!