LaptopsHow to avoid a nasty handshake

There may be difficulties in handling laptops.


During the meeting, knocking on the keys can distract the attention of your colleagues. If you notice that they are squinting, take a pen and paper better.


The same applies to newsgroups. If you are not performing, set your phone to muted mode so that no one can hear how you type.


Remember a few more simple rules.


10 useful tips


Do not put the laptop on the table during lunch.


Do not use the alarm reminder function - you can hear a beeping at the most inopportune moment.


During a business lunch, do not show your laptop if your supervisor does not do it himself.


Do not swear and do not scream when your laptop fails.


Finally, do not laugh at those who still use paper and pencil.


Remember that all employees must keep an eye on office equipment.


If you notice that the paper or fax machine is out of paper, add.


If the unit is broken, fix it (if you know how) or call someone who can do it.


If you need to make a lot of copies, and another just a few, skip this colleague ahead.


If the kettle is out of water, pour and do not wait until someone else does.


Do not litter. If something is spilled, wipe yourself. Throw away paper and food waste in the trash. Respect the work of cleaners, keep clean.


Respect workers who repair your office equipment, install computers, replace light bulbs, and vacuum floors. Think how much more pleasant your work becomes thanks to them.