Kvass bread with honey and raisins

I have been making such a brew for more than 15 years. At first the sourdough was given to me by her mother-in-law, she told me and told me how kvass does itself. But I empirically derived for myself a slightly different proportions and technology. And kvass began to go out better than hers. And my mother-in-law was learning how to do it. And then I did adapt the leaven. Kvass goes moderately sweet and similar to the barrel kvass, which was sold at the Union. Now I can't drink purchased kvass at all. Some kind of he is too sweet and unreal. By the way, for those who follow the figure. The calorie content of this kvass is about 25 Kcal per 100 g. So, that 2-3 glasses a day - it is quite possible to afford! Well, take a bottle for a picnic - God himself commanded!



  • Bread (Borodino (2 loaves)) - 800 g
  • Honey - 2 tbsp. l.
  • Sugar - 400 ml
  • Yeast (dry) - 2 tsp.
  • Raisin - 50 g
  • Water 10 liters


Bread cut into slices, like sandwiches.

sliced ​​bread

Drain in the oven at maximum temperature.

bread dried in the oven

A very important point - you need to dry to light burn. Not quite in the coals, but the black on the pieces should be.This gives the taste and color to the future kvass.

bread burnt in the oven

Fall asleep crackers at the bottom of a large pot or bucket.

bread crumbs

In a small amount of water, we dissolve honey.

honey dissolved in water

Fill this with some honey dry yeast.

dry yeast in water

Stir well.

water mixed yeast

Add sugar to the breadcrumbs.

crackers with sugar

Raisins. It will add extra sharpness to kvass.

kvass with raisins

Add yeast with honey.

kvass from honey

Fill with warm purified water.

cooking kvass

Cover with gauze.

pan covered with gauze

Towel. The towel is necessary for protection from flies. We take out on a balcony in the sun for 2 days. In very strong heat, one day may be enough. In general, try every day you need. At first, kvass seems too sweet, but then this sweetness leaves and it turns out - the most it. If it is cool outside, then kvass, alas, will not work: (
kvass is covered with a towel

Here is almost ready kvass.

almost ready brew

We remove the top "whole" pieces of bread, put it in a liter jar and send it to the refrigerator. This is the leaven for the next portion of kvass.

leavened kvass

Kvass filter through cheesecloth. Pour into plastic bottles or glass jars. It comes out on average about 9 liters of kvass.

kvass in a jar

And send for a day in the fridge. During this time the precipitate will settle. Kvass ripen and acquire sharpness. In general, glass jars are tastier than in plastic.But for three cans there is not always room in the fridge.

kvass in the refrigerator

Next time already yeast is not needed. Pour the leaven on the bottom of the pan.