Kitchen Accessory

Create a stylish decoration for the kitchen is very easy. It is enough to apply a little effort, add fantasy and spend only an hour of time. Jars are valerian bottles. But you can use any other vials from under the medication. In principle, they are all the same. Groats can also be taken any for your taste, preferably bright colors. It can be pshenka, pearl barley, buckwheat, rice, peas, etc. Or it is possible to use spices, black peas, cloves, cinnamon sticks as a filler. I chose the color of threads and fabric on the basis of the color scheme of my kitchen. The previous version was in red tones that looked very bright and beautiful. Tip: Use a checkered fabric or small flower. For decoration, you can use red pepper, garlic or dry spikes. 1. We will need: • Empty jars 7 pcs. • Various cereals 7 pcs. • • Fabric. • • Threads. • • Scissors.
jars of cereals Cloth Threads
2. In carefully washed and dry jars fall asleep cereal.We fill them all in half.  cans with cereal
3. Cut the fabric into squares with a side of 5 cm. We make 7 such blanks. These will be the lids of the cans. 4. We leave a small fringe along the edge.
 piece of cloth
5. Cut the threads of different lengths. To jars hung not a bunch, but a beautiful bunch. Each thread is double.
 leave a small fringe
6. The most difficult stage in the creation of this accessory. On each jar you need to fix the fabric, which plays the role of a lid. Why is it difficult to do? Because a piece of cloth is very small, and constantly tries to slip off. Therefore, feel free to contact your household for help.
 Cut the threads of different lengths
7. Here are our jars ready. A bit similar to the Arabs, due to the color of the fabric.  We tied with a thread 9. We fix all threads in a knot. We hide it by decoration.  our jars are ready 8. We put the jars in the order we want to see them on the wall. 10. That’s a nice accessory for decorating your kitchen’s interior.
 Tying a knot
 kitchen accessory