Kirsten Dunst starred in the series George Clooney

Publication from RODARTE (@rodarte)12 Jun 2018 at 5:51 pdt

In the center of the black comedy story is the life of Crystal Gill, an almost impoverished and suddenly widowed woman from Orlando who works in a water park for pennies, but is eager to realize the “American dream”. Crystal enters the network marketing and tries to climb to the top of the “Founders of American Commerce” - a multi-billion dollar financial pyramid that has ravaged her family.

The action of the series unfolds in the 90s, and Kirsten will play the main role in it, of course, she also produced the project for a couple with Clooney. The director will be Yorgos Lantimos (Lobster, Murder of the sacred deer), and the premiere is scheduled for 2019.